Career Resilience – The Art of Staying in the Game


We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 


Khoon Leong’s lessons have always been consistent in delivering his lessons and sharings in a concise manner. His methodology of lesson built up via his ebook, notes, webinar and then towards live sessions have been excellent towards allowing the students to better comprehend the subject.

Thank you, Khoon Leong for your passionate, sincere and helpful coaching. Wishing you well in your endeavours.

– Yap Hock Lee


The course is conducted at the right moment! Just the right push at the right time.

– Jesslyn Chng


Grateful again for the kind guidance and teaching from Master Yeo. The teaching from him always enriching and rich for making the difference of my journey in my life for making a better choice along my learning!!!

– Darren Ong


A simple and easy approach for everyone to apply. Grateful for the effort to put up the course.

– Yee Leng


Useful information are definitely worth spending time for it.

– Andrew Lim


Clarity on how the universe works in its amazing nature ways and how it affects all living organisms on this earth it’s an in-depth knowledge to learn. Interesting to lern and apply, I feel like I’m gaining wisdom with all these knowledge passed on.

Thank you, Teacher.

– Skyee Wong


Careful study in the essence of Yijing. It’s not something that relates in a thereotical or philosophical manner. It’s practical in daily living in the areas of work, family and relationships.

– Tong Mun Kit


Khoon Leong simplified the concepts. Easy for everyone!

– Tan Teck Beng


The materials prepared are easy to follow. Apprecite for Master Yeo’s effort that makes the learning easier with simple and easy to understand guidance.

– Alicia Cheak


Perfect methods to foolproof career resilience.

– Ryan Lim


Short, sharp, sweet. Easy to understand, simple to follow.

– Yann Hwang


Clear explanation on the concepts. Materials given were clear.

– Daphne Weng


Practical and useful for daily living.

– Lena Iriawati



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