The Complete 64 Yijing Hexagram Tips


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The Complete 64 Amazing Yijing Hexagram Tips that Successful People Know But Not Telling

Yijing: ancient wisdom for modern times

So simple yet so profund that will completely upturn the way we see ourselves, the world and others, while offering a different perspective to living — one that’s based on wholeness, balance, harmony, and wondrous simplicity.

64 Yijing Fengshui Tips For A Better Life

I believe there are no accidents in the universe and to me, if you’re here right now, you are ready and meant to go to the next level in your life. So again, I offer you a heartfelt congratulations. I think you’re going to find very quickly that you made the right choice.

The mysterious ancient wisdom of Yijing may be hard to translate, but the meaning is absolutely crystal clear, i.e. learning to be aligned with nature could improve modern life.

Yijing is a book of wisdom that teaches how to live one’s life in a changing and confusing world against a backdrop of unchanging principles.

It is designed for light reading and it comes in 2 volumes (upper and lower series). Even before you are done with the guide, your life may be different; your money may be different, your work may be different, your relationships may be different, and your physical condition may be different…. all because YOU will be different.

To use this light reading guide to its fullest, you should approach the tips with an open mind and without expectation. 

Allow it to stimulate and broaden your perspective on the situation or change you are encountering. Embrace and respond to it in a way that moves you onto your path of true self-worth. Seek to align with and incorporate the change rather that opposing or blocking it, thus ‘going with the flow’, holding your balanced ‘Yin Yang’, no matter how challenging or fearful it may emotionally feel at the time.

Make a commitment to do the tips and you will be thrilled with the result. So are you ready to become unstoppable? If so, let’s dive right in and get started with this truly life-altering guide. Enjoy the journey my friends. You have my heart and my blessings!

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