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Since the dawn of time, many gurus have tried to describe and categorize human personalities in many ways. They have been restless in their pursuit of a good, reliable way to fit something as complex and fluid as human personality into a well-defined model.

Most of the current models account for the majority of our personality traits and can often predict with a high degree of confidence how we are likely to behave in specific circumstances.

While some believe that human personality can be broadly categorized into 4 main types, there are others who believe there are much more. Whatever it is, at least there is a working system that helps us to know how to deal with people belonging to a certain type.

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The Ancient Universal Profiling System

Now, on the same note but on a slightly flip side, there is an ancient profiling system created more than 7,000 years ago that categorizes everything in the Universe into 8 major types or energies.

Therefore, instead of identifying and understanding every single thing in the Universe (which is humanly impossible), we just need to find out which of the 8 types it falls under. We just need to know the characteristics of the type (energies) and how it is reacting with the things falling under different types (energies).

For example, do you know that a father, a king, a lion and perhaps, military camp, police station, all fall under the same type (energies)? They belong to the Qian () type, or Metal energy. Can you see the similarities that cut across these people and things?

This forms the very fundamental approach to Chinese Metaphysics, like in the areas of Prediction, Fengshui, Life Reading and many others.

Earlier Heaven 8 Trigrams (先天八卦)

This system is called The Earlier Heaven 8 Trigrams (先天八卦).

It consists of 8 different symbols (also called trigrams). Each trigram is composed of 3 lines, either a solid or broken line. A solid line denotes Yang and a broken line denotes Yin. Each trigram can be seen like a code that holds a variety of related information about every aspect of life and is a microsystem for understanding areas of disharmony and imbalance.


These 8 trigrams are used to represent the individual unit of things in this Universe, including family members, body parts, behaviors, emotions, household items, and much more.

The table below is just a fraction of things that the 8 trigrams can represent. 

8T 1.png



Let’s take a look at Qian () Trigram (☰), which is the first in the line of the 8 Trigrams.

Examine it closely and what do you notice that makes it look different from the rest?

Yes, that’s right! This is the trigram that is made up of 3 solid lines and to be more exact, 3 solid Yang lines.

Doesn’t that make Qian Trigram (☰) a very Yang trigram? Can you find another trigram that is more ‘Yang’ than Qian Trigram (☰)?


In a family context, which family member do you think fits this Qian Trigram (☰) Obviously, the Father isn’t it? Hence, talking about profiling, a Father is a Qian Trigram (☰) as this member exhibits the characteristics of a Qian Trigram (☰).


Let us depart from the family context and think about, in a business organization context.

Who can the Qian Trigram (☰) represent? The boss of the organization holding the highest authority has to be the most ‘Yang’ in the organization and hence, a Qian Trigram (☰).


For a sovereign country, who is the Qian Trigrams (☰)? The Head of State, President, Prime Minister and government can be considered a Qian Trigram.


How about Nature? Heaven (not associating with any faith) is the Qian Trigram (☰). Can you see it now why Qian Trigram (☰) is also called by the secondary name “Heaven”?

Animal Kingdom

Now, your turn! Name an animal that exhibits the characteristics of a Qian Trigram (☰)?

What’s next?

See, within a short while, you already mastered 1 of the 8 trigrams. It’s so easy if you know the smart way to learn the profiling system.

Why don’t you attempt on your own to see if you could master the rest?

To give you a headstart, if Qian Trigram (☰) is the most ‘Yang‘ of the 8, which trigram is the most ‘Yin‘ and what can this ‘most Yin’ trigram represent?

Happy Learning!

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