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7-Day Flash Sales: Transform Your Space with Yijing Form Fengshui (Interior) 形势风水内局 Program!

Attention all alumni of Home Frequencies Tuning, First Gear to Fifth, and Yijing Form Fengshui (External) programs!
Your journey doesn’t stop here – it evolves with a groundbreaking opportunity. Introducing the exclusive Yijing Form Fengshui (Interior) 形势风水内局 Program – a transformative deep dive into the essence of interior Form Fengshui.
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Yijing Fengshui | LIVE Online | Intake Once A Year

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[EBook] 64 Yijing Fengshui Tips For A Better Life
Discover the secrets of ancient Yijing Fengshui condensed into 64 powerful tips. Now, you can access this treasure trove of wisdom for just $17, down from its original price of $37.
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13, 14 & 20 July 2024

Saturday & Sunday

2:00pm - 5:00pm


LIVE Online

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Master the Curriculum

With a curriculum spanning 9 hours across 3 engaging lessons, you’ll be immersed in a world of profound revelations and actionable insights.

Understanding Fundamentals

Kickstart your journey by unraveling the core principles of Yijing Form Fengshui and gain an in-depth understanding of its role in elevating living spaces.
Decode the significance of key factors like 龙 (Dragon), 穴 (Nest), 砂 (Sand), 水 (Water), and 向 (Orientation).

Living Room

Discover the profound impact of sofa placement on energy flow and equilibrium.


Explore the art of harmonizing your bedroom’s energy through strategic bed positioning.


Unveil the mysteries of harnessing positive energy around your stove.

We’ll delve into the science behind stove placement’s impact on well-being and prosperity.


Uncover the transformative power of desk arrangement to boost your focus and creativity.


Dive deep into the sacred, establishing auspicious altars that nourish your spiritual well-being.
Learn about the significance of altar placement, recommended directions, and locations.

Case Studies

Analyze real-life scenarios and their Fengshui implications.

Questions and Answers

Seek answers during the interactive Q&A session.

This is your moment! For 7 days only, seize the chance to join the Yijing Form Fengshui (Interior) 形势风水内局 Workshop and transform your living spaces forever.

LIVE Online

Ticket to the LIVE Online class (3 lessons)


Workbook  PDF


Receive certificate upon completion

Plan & Features

Yijing Form Fengshui External

Bonus 1

Lifetime Access to Training Videos (including future upgrades)

Bonus 2

Lifelong Refreshers to LIVE Online classes

Bonus 3

Access to Alumni Community Support


Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or concerns.
We’re here to guide you on your journey to harnessing the power of interior Fengshui for positive transformations.

Is the program cost-effective?

Answer. Absolutely! We understand that value matters. Our program is designed to be an affordable investment, providing specialized training at a fraction of the usual cost.

How much time will the program require?

Answer. Your time is valuable, and that’s why we’ve condensed our course into an efficient format. The program spans just 9 hours, spread over 3 lessons. We respect your time commitment and aim to maximize your learning in a compact timeframe.

Will I have enough time for this course?

Answer. With our online format and unlimited access to replays, you can learn at your own pace.

Will I need to invest in expensive tools?

Answer. Not at all. Unlike some Fengshui practices that require specialized tools, our course harnesses the innate power of shapes, placements, and energies within your living spaces. No need for costly investments!

How can I further apply the techniques I learn?

Answer. Our program empowers you beyond just learning. You’ll gain the skills to harmonize and energize any living space, ensuring that the benefits of your newfound knowledge extend far beyond the classroom.

Will I gain practical knowledge?

Answer. Absolutely. The heart of our coaching program lies in providing practical knowledge. You’ll not only understand the concepts but also acquire hands-on skills to effectively utilize Fengshui principles in interior spaces.
Don't let this transformational opportunity slip through your fingers! This flash sale won't come again soon.

Elevate your living spaces, enrich your well-being, and immerse yourself in the power of Yijing Form Fengshui (Interior) 形势风水内局.

The clock is ticking - secure your spot now and embark on this remarkable journey of transformation!
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