Yijing Fengshui for Beginners

Yijing Fengshui for Beginners
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners
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Yijing Fengshui for Beginners Masterclass

Join Life Coach & Yijing Trainer Yeo Khoon Leong In This Masterclass That Reveals The Secrets to Convert Your Home Into An Abundance Magnet.
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With the year that the world has just gone through, good fengshui is no longer a nice-to-have. It's priority.

Experience Khoon Leong’s Legendary Yijing Fengshui (易经风水) Masterclass and Learn An Ancient Time-Tested System That Can Turn Your Home Into an Abundance Magnet!
This Masterclass Express plays at your own pace.
Prepare to Unlock Your Home Potential with this Masterclass Express.

What you will learn...

Background & Science of Yijing FengshuiThe Power of your Living Space – Learn how this ancient art and science can help you improve your health, wealth, and relationships.
Yin-Yang & 5 ElementsUnderstand the 2 primal forces of nature and the 5 behaviors of Nature, and how they manifest in every level in our daily lives especially in our living space.
Supporters & BlockersTrain your eyes to identify which household items are considered supporters or blockers for your home Fengshui.
Earlier Heaven 8 TrigramLearn the skills in profiling every household item and many others in our surrounding into just 8 different energies so that fengshui is so much less complex.
Time & DirectionLearn the 12 Chinese animal signs are based on Chinese timing system of the 12 earthly branches. Each sign has its own specific Trigram, direction and auspicious time of the day or year.
Setting Taiji PointLearn the correct method to determine the centre of the room which is also called the Taiji Point.
Analyse Your BedroomLearn the proper steps in analysing your bedroom and discover the good and bad frequencies of the room.
Enhance Your BedroomLearn how to remedy the bad frequencies to bring about positive energies for the room.

Meet The Trainer

My name is Yeo Khoon Leong, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author, and I have spent the past 10 years of my life helping people turn their home into an abundance magnet using the power of Yijing Fengshui.
Now before you think to yourself that Yijing Fengshui is something that is just too complicated for you or perhaps only a select few “gifted” people can really understand it, think again.
Yijing Fengshui is nothing more than information based on the vibrational frequencies of the enviroment and I can assure you, it’s not complicated at all.
The only reason why most people falsely assume that learning Yijing Fengshui is complex or difficult is because they just haven’t been exposed to the methods by which it works.
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Founder, Life Coach Yijing Trainer & Author

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1m 40s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 1
12m 56s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 2
27m 10s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 3
23m 22s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 4
28m 45s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 5
40m 58s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 6
24m 48s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 7
12m 41s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 8
10m 17s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Module 9
19m 23s
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – Closing
Yijing Fengshui for Beginners – What’s Next

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Duration: 3h 22m 25s
Lectures: 12
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Yijing Fengshui for Beginners