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Starting 11 February 2023 (6 lessons)

Home Frequencies Tuning Coaching Program

World Class Yijing Fenqshui Teacher To The Stars Reveals His Hidden Formula For Next Level Yijing Qi Fengshui
$1,290 (One Time Payment)
$430 x 3 months (3-Month Payment Plan available)

Looking For The Secret To Systematically Converting Any Home Into An Abundance Magnet Through Authentic Yijing Qi Fengshui

Effective and Beneficial

Yijing Qi Fengshui is without a doubt one of the most effective and beneficial forms of Fengshui on the planet.
Effective because it enables you to completely understand how Fengshui actually works so you can evaluate and enhance any home or office to produce focused results without anyone having any clue that you’re doing so.
And beneficial because you can use this power to turn just about any home or office into an abundance magnet.
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Enhance without anyone having any clue you’re doing so.

Yes, that means you can use this to get:

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It’s Almost Like A Weapon That You Fire At Will To Get Focused Results

Well you no longer have to imagine these possibilities
There is ancient science that people from all over the world have been using for over 7000 years that gives them access to information about their life that changes every road that they take from that moment on. 
There is ancient science that people from all over the world have been using for over 7000 years that gives them access to information about their life that changes every road that they take from that moment on. 
This science provides an advantage that entails knowing intricate details about any environment you are in, how the environment may affect you and loved ones as well as what the future holds for them.
In addition, it also enables a person to access this same information as it pertains to others. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you could take the guesswork out of every environment that you ever had to be in and instead know without a shadow of a doubt which environment to be in?

My name is Yeo Khoon Leong, a Life Coach, Trainer & Author, and I have spent the past 8 years of my life helping people achieve positive lasting change using the power of Yijing Fengshui.

Now before you think to yourself that Yijing Fengshui is something that is just too complicated for you or perhaps only a select few “gifted” people can really understand it, think again.
Yijing Fengshui is nothing more than information based on the vibrational frequencies of the enviroment and I can assure you, it’s not complicated at all.
The only reason why most people falsely assume that learning Yijing Fengshui is complex or difficult is because they just haven’t been exposed to the methods by which it works.
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Yeo Khoon Leong
Founder, Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author
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And can you imagine what it would be like if you could help others do the same? And maybe even do it professionally and actually make money from it?
Well what I’m about to share with you will enable you to do all of those things and more just as it has for countless others.

Learning Yijing Fengshui is like learning any other thing else. Any time you are presented with information that you’ve never seen before, it can feel overwhelming; especially if that information is not presented in a way that’s easy to understand and apply.

Think about when you were a child and you were first introduced to reading.
The teacher doesn’t just put a book in front of you and expect you to read it.
You must first learn the alphabet and then learn the sounds that each letter makes.
And then how you can piece them together to read sentences.
Before you know it, you’re able to read with ease just like you are doing on this page right now.

In fact, reading becomes such second nature that you basically can’t turn it off.

Try looking at something with words on it and not understanding what it says….you can’t. Your brain has been trained to automatically understand what words mean the moment you see them.
But that’s not how it started. There was a point in your life when you could look at words and not know what they say or mean.
This is simply because your brain had not been trained to decode the meaning behind the words because you didn’t first understand the basics of reading.
Well the same is true of any type of information that you see for the first time. If you don’t understand the basics, it will seem extremely complicated.
The key to effectively understanding the info is having it presented in the right way.
That’s why I dedicated my past 8 years to understanding how people learn, which have enabled me to gain a deep understanding of how people receive and process information.

So How Exactly Does This Help Me, Khoon Leong?

That’s probably the question, you’re asking yourself right now so let me briefly explain.
Well, some 20 years ago, I developed an immense interest in Yijing and decided to pursue it as an area of study.
The learning journey wasn’t easy; but in all honesty, that’s nothing when compared to what I have gained in return.
Yijing and especially Yijing Fengshui has given me the ability to gain the clearest view of my future and learn more about myself on the deepest of levels.
As a result, it has enabled me to achieve great success and avoid pitfalls and unwanted events in my life.
But what’s even better is that because I took my education to the point of becoming a full-time professional practitioner, I can also provide these same benefits to others. And I could even make a living doing so, if I chose to.
That’s part of why becoming a Yijing Fengshui practitioner is so great; you not only learn everything about your life but you can also practice the craft professionally and earn money doing so if you wanted to.
The only problem is that most Yijing Fengshui programs cost upwards of $5,000 and can take years to complete.

Here’s What You May Not Know

While my program was helping thousands master the art of turning their homes or office into an abundance magnet through simple Yijing Qi Fengshui, I was secretly researching and developing an even more powerful version of it.
Initially I was going to offer it exclusively to my coaching clients but I had a change of heart. More about that in a second.
For now, I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on for the past 10 years.
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By YEO Khoon Leong (Life Coach, Yijing Trainer & Author)
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There is only 1 intake every year.

11, 12, 18, 19, 25 & 26 February 2023

Sat & Sun

2:00pm - 5:00pm


LIVE Online

Details to be advised


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Quite honestly, the information before you is nothing short of groundbreaking for several reasons with the three most relevant being that:


It Will Completely Change The Way You Do Anything Else In Life From This Day On


It Will Provide You With The Leverage Needed To Go From Point A (where you are now) To Point Z (where you never even dared to imagine to go) In the Shortest Amount Of Time Because You Are Learning With A System That Isn’t Offered Anywhere Else In World


It Includes Every Single Ounce Of Knowledge As Well As Every Single Piece Of Privileged Information That I Have Spent Years Acquiring And Enable You To Take On A new Role In Life

Now ask yourself, is that something that you could even put a price on?

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Well that’s the question that I was faced with when I decided to bring this to the world…..even though in reality, I know that I could basically name my price for this resource and I guarantee that people would pay it hand over fist no matter what it was.
Why wouldn’t they?
This Is What The World has Been Waiting For

“Well then, we have to at least put it on the market for a few thousand dollars like most programs of it’s kind!”

That’s what may marketing team said.
Now while I know I could sell this program for few thousands of dollars if not more, it brings me more joy to give ordinary every day hardworking people the opportunity to also master something that was designed for the super-rich.
Which is why if you enroll today, you get coached in all the 10 modules personally by me for just a fraction of what my marketing team is intending.

Three Reasons Why You Should Jump On This Now


​This is the most advanced program on Yijing Qi Fengshui that I’ve ever developed and it will transform you into a master Fengshui practitioner.


​It contains only the most relevant effective information so you don’t get overwhelmed


​Other programs will cost you tens of thousand. At this price, this is the bargain of a lifetime.


Hit the “Register” button below and take your Yijing Fengshui powers to the next level.
S$ 1290 one-time payment
  • Ticket to 6 LIVE online lessons
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to recorded videos
  • BONUS: Lifelong refreshers*
  • Receive certificate upon completion
Best Seller

3-Month Payment Plan Available

and take your manifesting powers to the next level
S$ 430 per month for 3 months
  • Ticket to 6 LIVE Onlilne Lessons
  • Bonus 1: Lifetime Access to Replay Videos
  • Bonus 2: Lifelong Refreshers*
  • Receive certificate upon completion​
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What Happens After You Register

1. Click the “Register” button above and you’ll be taken to a Secure Checkout page.
2. Complete your registration and you’ll get a registration confirmation email in about 5 minutes (sender: [email protected]).
3. More updates and reminders will be sent closer to LIVE online workshop dates.
4. In the registration confirmation email, you’ll also receive the instuctions for your instant access to the recorded videos.

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Home Frequencies Tuning 2022 – Module 5
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Home Frequencies Tuning 2022 – Module 9
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Home Frequencies Tuning 2022 – Module 10A
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