Huang Ji Jing Shi (Day Hexagram)

Huang Ji Jing Shi Day Hexagram
Huang Ji Jing Shi Day Hexagram

Huang Ji Jing Shi

Day Hexagram

皇极经世 (值日卦)

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24 September 2022 | Saturday | 2pm-5pm


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Day Hexagram
“Huang Ji Jing Shi” was written by Song Dynasty scholar and numerologist Shao Yong. He created a system for measuring time, which he called “Yuan, Hui, Yun, and Shi”. Repeatedly, endlessly.
This system is so powerful that it shows the close connection between the relationship of hexagrams and lines with time and space.
Shao Yong woven a huge historical chronology, which revolves closely around the innate sixty-four hexagrams.
Every day, there are hexagrams to indicate changes in astronomy, geography, and personnel development.
In this workshop, you get to learn:
  • How to derive the Daily Governing Hexagram (值日卦).
  • How to use the hexagram to reveal the influence of time on mankind and planet Earth.

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Huang Ji Jing Shi (Day Hexagram)