2-Day Personal Frequencies Analysis Program

We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 


A different perspective in looking into life and destiny. It is proven helpful to complement previous similar studies.

– Andrew Lim


Grateful of the learning and teaching from Master Yeo. The training and guidance from him, have brought me to the next stage of training towards my work for Life Guidance and Coaching. Deeply appreciate of his kind teaching and wisdom sharing about Life Frequencies.

– Darren Ong


Life is really a journey and attending this refresher Personal Frequencies Analysis has helped me to be on track, refresh and navigate closer to my personal intention.

– Stacy Chew


This course not only teaching about the technical knowledge, it’s a life coaching lesson that benefit to individual’s to achieve higher and better life. Recommend to those who want to learn life coaching and know your higher purpose in life.

– Alicia Cheak


Life changing! Mentally stimulating!

It basically helps you to embrace life as it is and at the same time leveraging on its goodness. This course helps you to truly understand and appreciate the saying:

-God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.-

– Stacy Chew


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