2-Day Intensive Yijing Prediction Bootcamp

We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 



It definitely opens my foresight on the derived Gua and enhances my understanding from the Yijing Prediction Class.

– Andrew Lim


Must complete the boot camp to really have insights into the topic. Strongly encourage students to continue to take this lessons. 茅塞顿开。

– Maxx Tan


Grateful to Master Khoon Leong’s effort in putting up the course contents. This course teaches us a systematic and simple step by step approach to the interpretation of a Gua. Highly recommended course to others who are keen to learn Yijing Prediction.

– Sim Yee Leng


The boot camp has greatly enhanced the experiences and the in-depth of my understanding of Yijing. Giving me the clarity of understanding the co-relationship between different Guas and how they influence my life. Enjoy very much of the examples given by the program.

– Darren Ong


This course helps me to understand Prediction better, how to use and analyze.
Also, how to control the situation better.

– Winney Goh


Well prepared, met my expectations.

Helps me to improve and exceed myself.

Thanks alot.

– Alex Low


This course changed the way I look at and decipher Prediction Gua.

To achieve higher accuracy (or solutions to the problem), we have to break out of the box and this course provides the techniques and tactics for this perspective.

– Tong Mun Kit


Highly recommended to attend this Prediction Bootcamp.

– Andy Tan


It is a very good 2 days class, open up my mind to analyse in a more logical & systematic way.

Also, the different tactics used are able to view things in different perspective.

Need more practice to enhance my knowledge.

– Tay Choon How


Master Khoon Leong is very patient and sharing. I have enjoyed myself these 2 days, now able to see and read more into the prediction.

Looking forward to our next course in 2017.

Thank you Master Khoon Leong.

– Fiona Soh


Khoon Leong has opened up another aspect of reading the Gua. It has made reading and analysing the Gua easier.

Looking forward to the course.

Thank you.

– Judith Ng


Master Yeo is a very patient trainer and he also ensure all students understand the course.

– Anonymous


After attending quite a number of class courses, this is the most enjoyable class. This is my most eye opener class. Understand a lot better.

Thank you Lao Shi.

– Cyndy Lai


Love this class! Never felt so inspired and motivated after class.

Better knowledge now and easier for us to understand.

Teaching method is very systematic, very easy for me to follow and understand.

– Wes Goh


Very helpful and helps me to understand Yijing Prediction better and deeper. The 2 days course is meaningful and interesting.

– Anonymous


Enjoyed the bootcamp very much. Thank You Master Khoon Leong for sharing. Makes prediction much easier to comprehend and apply.

– Anonymous


Khoon Leong is a good trainer. Examples are simple and make prediction easier to decode. His unselfish sharing has made me understand the course better by the different methods of decoding a prediction Gua.

Thank you Khoon Leong.

– Anonymous


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