Like a Swiss Army Knife, but for your HEALTH

●     “Low-fat” and “cholesterol-free” are the way to go (Truth: Cholesterol is actually needed by your body for the production of vital hormones!)

●     Carbohydrates are great energy foods (Truth: Carbohydrates increase serotonin production, resulting in tiredness … which is one reason why eating a banana before exercising is such a BAD idea)

●     Eat lots of fruit (Truth: People enjoy fruit mainly because it’s sweet – but fructose interferes with thyroid performance … and your body can only handle 10-30 grams of fructose a day before the liver starts converting the rest to fat. LIMIT your fruit.)

     Red meat is bad for you (Truth: In addition to being a complete protein source, red meat is rich in Carnitine, an amino acid which helps boost thyroid activity.)

●     Do lots of cardio for fat loss. (Truth: Excessive cardio exercise will increase production of Cortisol … which, in turn, will result in a loss of muscle tissue, thereby LOWERING your “resting metabolic rate”.)

There’s MUCH more to optimal health and well-being than just “eating your veggies” and getting “plenty of fresh air and exercise” …

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Do you see why they are calling it the most complete health & wellness program in the world today?

The series of short videos are well-presented and easy to follow and they can literally give you a new lease on life.

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You too CAN be stronger, younger, healthier and more energized than your biological age dictates.

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