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Still deciding about whether you should sign up for the Science of Wellness program? Keep on reading, because we have a gift for you that will enable you to make an informed decision. We’ll tell you about it shortly, but first, a little background information…

Most of us know someone who has cancer. Some of us have been in a situation where we had to say goodbye to a loved one because of cancer. You may have even reached this mailing list because you were diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer strikes fear in everyone and big pharma knows it. That’s why they spread propaganda through social media, warning people to avoid just about anything that we commonly eat or use daily. How to avoid cancer when you’re exposed to toxins every day? And that fear releases the body’s stress response, which floods the body with more toxins in which cancer cells thrive. It’s a perpetual cycle.

We’re here to tell you today that the Science of Wellness program can help you bust the myths and promote healing in your body, as Andy taught his dad.

Andy’s dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, spreading throughout his lungs, lymph glands, and adrenals and given 18 months to live. Given the news, Andy laid out a plan to combat the tumor NATURALLY. After all, research shows that more than 50% of all cancers are lifestyle-influenced – caused by such things as smoking, alcohol consumption, poor stress response, acidity, and nutritional deficiencies.

Now, two years later, Andy’s dad looks and feels healthier and more fit than ever! All this by making some simple changes of habit in his lifestyle, sleep, and diet.
You, too, can become healthier, fitter, and more energized by following the methods in the
Science of Wellness. Get this FREE gift from Andy! In honor of his father’s recovery, Andy’s GIVING AWAY Episode 21 of The Science Of Wellness – Cancer: A Natural Approach To Prevent, Overcome, And Work With It.
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