Are you pre-diabetic and headed for Alzheimer’s?

Did you know that 75% of Americans are considered to be pre-diabetic? That means that they are already Insulin resistant and in danger of becoming full-blown Type II diabetics unless they take action and reverse their conditions. The good news is that you can reverse the condition, provided you take action right away.

We think you and us both know the ONLY way to make massive changes in your life is to jump on an opportunity when you’re first presented with it – before you or your friends or your family start coming up with all sorts of excuses why it won’t work for you.

Unfortunately, 50% of all Type II diabetics continue the downward spiral to Type III, otherwise known as Alzheimer’s.

Instead of being held back by excuses, we want to encourage you to take action and sign up for the Science of Wellness program  today and take advantage of the Fast-Action Bonus Bundle, which is only available for a limited time, and includes The S.O.W. Insulin Reset Program (worth $19.99, but yours FREE when you order any S.O.W. program today!).

But that’s not all… You also get:

●     The Braverman Personality Type Assessment (Value $27)

●     The Man-Boob Busting Program (Value $27)

●     S.O.W. Recipe Book (Value $29)

●     Monthly “Expert Input” Webinar (Value $97)

●     Access to the S.O.W. Private Facebook Group (Value $47 per month)

But these gifts aren’t gonna just lie around here forever … waiting for you to decide. This is a VERY limited-time offer,  as part of our launch celebration. AND they are meant to motivate you to get started on your new life – your new YOU – today!

So we urge you to decide quickly. Head on over to the Science of Wellness and choose your program today.

All the best!


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