@ 20 January 2018

What have you done today to get yourself closer to your intention?

This is the challenge put forth to the participants today.

I know I have! A Saturday well spent! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Many thanks to Darren Ong for organizing this seminar! Very grateful!


Comments by Darren Ong:

Thank you all who have attended The Wave of 2018 yesterday.

I hope everyone enjoy the session & got the tips on how to clear your path from micro to macro levels for 2018!

Thank you Master Yeo Khoon Leong for being my guest speaker. Sharing his wisdom and insights of identify our blocker & supporter.

Thank you once again for making this workshop a success!

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@ 13 January 2018

These photos sums up the amazing experience and moments we had during the Seminar last Saturday.

The participants were simply awesome and very interactive. It’s a fun-filled seminar, power-packed with great Yijing wisdoms + sharing + learning and its amazing practicality to real-life situations!

So, stay in the sweet spot and create the change you want in life!

See what the participants say about this Seminar:

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@ 18 March 2017

Theme: How can you quickly spot the 2017 sector in your house and empower it?

Had a great time sharing useful Fengshui tips at the exclusive event on 18 March 2017 Saturday, organised by Floor Xpert in collaboration with reputable interior design firm to share inspiring home ideas and more.

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