2-Day Yijing Prediction – Case Study (V1)

Even though the workshop is just over, your learning journey has only just begun.

If you can still remember what we mentioned about Sprouting () hexagram, it’s about facing and expecting difficulties and challenges whenever you start something new; and the way out quickly is to keep learning (Learning 蒙 hexagram) and filling up the gaps.

That’s why there is a saying, “Practice Makes Perfect“.

We’d would like to help you crank up your engine a little easier each time and that’s why you are always welcome to come back for refreshers and it’s complimentary*.

* Terms and conditions apply

On this note, to get you started with more practice, you are highly encouraged to attempt the case study below. Submit your answers to the questions in the webform provided below.

Here it goes:



  • One day evening around 18:10pm, I was standing at a crowded bus stop of an industrial park with only 1 bus service calling at the bus stop.
  • A bus (8117) came but was very full. With the big crowd at the bus stop, I was wondering whether I should wait for the next bus.
  • I casted a Prediction Gua based on the bus registration number (8117), asking the following questions listed below.


  • How long the next bus would be?
  • Would it be packed?
  • Should I wait?



Please submit your answers to the above 3 questions by this Sunday 20 May 2018. 

Have fun and see you back in class soon!


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