2-Day Intensive Yijing Prediction Bootcamp – Case Study

As the bootcamp is coming up real soon, we’d would like to help you crank up your engine a little and come for the workshop fully charged up.

On this note, you are highly encouraged to attempt the case study below. Submit your answers to the questions and we’ll discuss it at length during the bootcamp.

Here it goes:



  • In Feb 2016 (after CNY), received a message (timestamped 5:41pm) from a friend that he was hospitalized.
  • No further detail was given in the message and he did not respond to any of my subsequent messages.
  • I was getting worried. Hence, I casted a Gua based on the timing of his message (5:41pm).


  • Why was he hospitalized? What’s wrong with him?
  • Was it serious / fatal? Why?
  • Any other comments?



Please submit your answers to the above 3 questions before the bootcamp commences on the 5th Nov 2016 Saturday. We’ll discuss it extensively during the bootcamp. 

Have fun and see you in class soon!


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