2-Day Intensive Life Coaching Bootcamp

Calling out to those who have learnt Yijing Prediction (易经预测) & Yijing Life Frequencies Analysis (易经命理分析) before!

If you are looking to upgrade your skills and knowledge to the next level, you’ve got to stop whatever you are doing now, stay with us and take a moment to read on! 

This program will flip you over to a whole new level of learning and understanding life, destiny and wealth! More importantly, how to tune your Life Frequencies to start attracting and manifesting more of what you truly desire in life!

Keen to know more?


For the first time ever, not only will we share with you the many untold techniques and tactics in analyzing a person’s life without the need for any birth details, we’ll also reveal the untold secrets how to tune it to your advantage. 

Discover how your life frequencies are so intimately linked to the Law of Attraction and why so many people failed to get the Law of Attraction to work for them.

We will impart all these and more in the following program specially designed for you:

Title: 2-Day Intensive Life Coaching Bootcamp

Date: 15 & 16 September 2018 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: International Plaza or Singapore Shopping Centre (Room to be advised closer to date)
Program Fee: S$484
Registration Closing Date: 2 September 2018 (Sunday)

Do not miss the rare opportunity to learn the untold secrets behind the Arts of Life Frequencies Tuning & Manifestation.

Tell Me More!

In this 2-day bootcamp, we will not be covering the basics, you are required to revise them before hand.

We will guide everyone through a rigorous regime of mastering the powerful tactics in decoding just anyone’s life without any birth details, identifying the underlying life switches so that when you flip them over, you are going to find yourself transforming into a very powerful magnet attracting and manifesting more of what you truly desire in life.

photo-1466193341027-56e68017ee2dWhether you are learning this to improve your own life or advance your skills in the professional arena of life coaching, make sure you seize every opportunity during these 2 days to grab as much tips as you possibly could.

This program does not require any tools, props, cards, formulae, software, apps, birth details… absolutely nothing. Just 2 full days of your time with an open mind to connect the dots!

What Can I Learn From The 2-Day Bootcamp?


Be prepared to subject yourself to a very rigorous bootcamp training involving the following modules:

  • Are We On The Same Page?
  • Life As You Know It (Do You?)
  • How Helpful Are Your Frequencies?
  • The Power of Intention
  • Finding The Right Life Switches
  • Time To Flip The Switches?
  • The Missing Piece: Why Isn’t It Working For Me?
  • The Art of Channeling The Energies
  • The Final Touch: The Art of Manifestation
  • Practices, practices & more practices
  • And many many more…

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So, which would be easier for you? Continue be what you’ve always been or sign up now to learn a skill to make a positive difference in your life?

I want to sign up now! What do I need to do?

Just follow the 2 easy steps and you are good to go!

Step 1: Make Payment

Please make a payment of S$484.00 (Standard) or S$448 (Promo Code) via:

  • PayPal – Click on the button below and you’ll be directed to another payment page

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

  • PayNow – 91273783
  • Bank Transfer – UOB Current 501-313-480-5
  • Cheque – Payable to Yeo Khoon Leong; and deposit into any UOB Quick Cheque Deposit Box indicating:

Name: Yeo Khoon Leong
Account Number: 501-313-480-5
Contact: 91273783

Step 2: Complete and submit the e-form below (if you are not using PayPal)

Remember to fill in the bank transfer transaction number or cheque number for our easy tracking.


The Program Confirmation and e-receipt will be emailed to you after we have successfully processed your registration and payment .

For inquiry, please call or Whatsapp 91273783.

English Class 英语班

Special Note


We love this proverb so much! This is exactly what we are trying to do. Showing and teaching you ‘how to fish’. We are not going to hold back anything.

In order for participants to receive quality teaching and learning, we are going to keep the class size not bigger than twenty (20) participants per class.

However, to keep the program fees affordable, as long as we can gather at least ten (10) participants, we will proceed to run it.

The class may be cancelled or postponed if the total participants fall below ten (10).

Last but not least, we’re grateful you take the time to read through the entire post. Hope to see you in class real soon!

Click here for the Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!

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