The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气)


The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气) is a calendar of twenty-four (24) periods and climates to govern agricultural activities in ancient China. It takes into account the longest and the shortest days and the two days each year when the length of the day equals that of the night. In other words, the significant days are the Summer Solstice (夏至), Winter Solstice (冬至) and the Spring (春分) and Autumn Equinoxes (秋分).

The longest day of a year or Summer Solstice (夏至) falls on the 21st or 22nd of June, and the shortest day is the Winter Solstice (冬至) on either December 21, 22, or 23. Using these two annual events, the year was divided into in 24 equal parts, each forming the 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气).

Each of these 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气) suggest the position of the sun every time it travels 15 degrees on the ecliptic longitude. In each month there are two solar terms; the first one is generally named Jie Qi (节气) and the other one Zhong Qi (中气).

These solar terms have meaningful names:

  • Some of them reflect the change of seasons such as the Spring Starts (立春), the Summer Starts (立夏), the Autumn Starts (立秋), and the Winter Starts (立冬).
  • Some embody the phenomena of climate like the Insects Awakeb (惊蛰), Clear and Bright (清明), Grain Bud (小满) and Grain in Ear/Beard (芒种)
  • The rest indicate the change of climate like The Rain (雨水), Grain Rain (谷雨), Little Heat (小暑), Great Heat (大暑), and so on.

The 24 Solar Terms (二十四节气) plays a very important role in influencing many aspects of Chinese cultures from agricultural, metaphysics to Chinese Medicine, and many others…

  • Spring 春 
    • Yin Month 寅月 (Feb)
      • Spring Starts 立春
      • The Rain 雨水
    • Mao Month 卯月 (Mar)
      • Insects Awaken 惊蛰
      • Spring Starts 春分
    • Chen Month 辰月 (Apr)
      • Clear and Bright 清明
      • Grain Rains 谷雨
  • Summer 夏
    • Si Month 巳月 (May)
      • Summer Starts 立夏
      • Grain Bud 小满
    • Wu Month 午月 (Jun)
    • Wei Month 未月 (Jul)
      • Little Heat 小暑
      • Great Heat 大暑
  • Autumn 秋
    • Shen Month 申月 (Aug)
      • Autumn Starts 立秋
      • Terminating the Heat 处暑
    • You Month 酉月 (Sep)
      • White Dews 白露
      • Autumnal Equinox 秋分
    • Xu Month 戌月 (Oct)
      • Cold Dews 寒露
      • HoarFrost Falls 霜降
  • Winter 冬
    • Hai Month 亥月 (Nov)
      • Winter Starts 立冬
      • Light Snow 小雪
    • Zi Month 子月 (Dec)
    • Chou Month 丑月 (Jan)
      • Slight Cold 小寒
      • Great Cold 大寒

Click on each of the Solar Terms to find out more and how you can Live Right and Bright throughout the 4 seasons.

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