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Struggling with your business and career?

Tired with all the struggling with your business & career and not getting the difference that really should go along with all of that efforts you already put in?

design desk display eyewear

What is even more frustrating is having absolutely no clue how to troubleshoot, uncover & eliminate the hidden blockages / time bombs that sabotage your business & career success.

I get it. In the past, I went through that phase too. And while I struggle earlier on to put the pieces in place, I also quickly learn that…



Business and Career Success Is An Inside Job

To be precise, it is an inside-out job! Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. To many trained practitioners, your outer world is a perfect dashboard that tell stories about your career or business.

The outer world can include the following:

  • The office external surrounding
  • The office inner layout and placement
  • The work desk layout and placement, and more…

However, many people nowadays take the D-I-Y shortcuts to fix their outer world without first fixing the inner. The problem with this approach today, is that although Fengshui is more popular than ever, it’s that surge in popularity that has given rise to misconceptions about Fengshui that can actually cause more harm than good to your career or business.

There are loads of misconceptions out there. Let me just list 5 random misconceptions below. You can check your work place to see if you might be mistakenly following one or more of these common misconceptions. 

Misconception No. 1: Place a mirror opposite the front door to bring in good energy.

This can cause a complete cut-off of financial and business-related opportunity. Because the door is the mouth of Qi, the business will literally be starved of opportunities. Time and time again, I see businesses with a mirror that reflects the front door and I see financial failures. Make sure you don’t place a mirror opposite the front door.

Misconception No. 2: Paint your front door red.

Red is a powerful color, but there are some places where red can cause harm — and sometime, even total failure. It’s especially true with the door sitting in the northwest sector of the entire unit.

The northwest is associated with career and also the boss of the business. So this sector not have flames or red colors in it. To do so is to ‘burn’ your career or business.

Misconception No. 3: Use Bagua mirrors to push negative energy away.

Bagua mirrors are often found in traditional Chinese shops and businesses. They’re most often used to reflect negative energy such as a T-junction terminating at your door or office or to aim negative energy back to unpleasant neighboring buildings.

While these mirrors reflect negative energies, they also reflect energies relating to wealth and opportunities. The mirrors can’t tell the difference between the energies.

Misconception No. 4: Fortune Cats

Not earning enough? Place the red and gold fortune cat figurine. We believe you are familiar with this one. 

If you haven’t noticed, cat belongs to one of the 12 Zodiac animals (Tiger) and each Zodiac animal carries certain set of energies. If such energies are placed at the wrong sector in the office or work space, it can easily affect your business and career.

Fortune Cat figure should not be placed at the southwest sector, otherwise, it will affect the relationships with your customers.

Misconception No. 5: Water equals wealth

There is a Chinese saying which, when translated to English, means “water equals money”. This is perhaps where the confusion originated, and many assume that the more water is present in an office or work space, the wealthier its occupants.

I have seen people placing water fountains, displaying fish tanks, or hanging pictures of waterfall in the office and even at the work desk.

If you place such items at the northwest, it is the similar effect as painting your door red mentioned in Misconception No. 2

In addition, if such items are placed behind where you sit, you can almost expect to experience frequent back-stabbing from time to time.


There are obviously many more other misconceptions which can only be covered in the mastery bootcamp. The one thing I would like to highlight at this point is that these are just your outer world which is created from your inner world.

If you do not tune from inside-out, no matter how much you clear the outer world, your inner world will still work hard like a ripple, to shape the outer world to be like before, perhaps, in other forms.



Point in suit transparentWhen I first started with applying Fengshui many years back to enhance my career, I had to jump over a lot of hurdles. I had no idea if I would ever be able to unlock incredible breakthroughs in my career with confidence.

So, I made a lot of mistakes, and learned as much as I could along the way, and here I am. Now let me save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get to where they want to go with Yijing Fengshui. I promise to you that with your passion in your business and career and my know how, I’ll get you there too.

– Yeo Khoon Leong


Digital cover

Everyone starts somewhere and today you can start on the right foot with me.

I’m pre-launching this amazing First Gear to Fifth mastery bootcamp that you can apply on any business, work place and career.

I’ll even show you how you can shift to the fifth gear and unlock incredible breakthroughs in your business & career with just a 1-degree shift in the right direction using Yijing Fengshui.

Pre-enroll in this mastery bootcamp and enjoy massive pre-launch savings!



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