Life Mottos

Great, successful people have it. How about you?

There are so many possible approaches you can take to this thing we call The Art of Staying in the Game of Life.

In fact, many great men and successful people use “life mottos” to guide them in their lives.

Some use these “life mottos” as their Instagram captions. Some hang them on walls. Some write them in their daily planners. And some may even recite them every day to help them get by.

Life mottos” aren’t just words. They hold deep meanings and vibrational energies for the people who live by them. The beauty in them is that they mean something different to everyone.

For me, I have a personal mission and that is

To make a positive difference in someone’s life each day!

And I live by 2 very simple “Life Mottos” to guide and propel me towards fulfilling my personal mission.

I did not realise I happen to share the same 2 “Life Mottos” with the Hong Kong’s richest man – Li Ka-shing until I chanced upon one of his interview videos sometime last week.

Let’s hear from the man himself sharing his 2 “Life Mottos” that have guided him to his life’s greatest success.

In case, you miss it…

The 2 “Life Mottos” are:

1. 自强不息

(loosely translated, a great man should constantly strive for self-improvement)

2. 厚德载物

(loosely translated, a great man should embrace all things, good and bad, success and failure, with a breadth of character)

In fact, these 2 “Life Mottos’ are extracted from 2 hexagrams recorded in an ancient classic called Yijing or IChing (易经). Many called Yijing – the Book of Changes. I would rather call it the Book of Universal Principles.

For Yijing enthusiasts out there, can you recognize which 2 hexagrams amongst the 64, are these mottos extracted from?



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