What are your survival fears and how to overcome them?

These fears can limit us from focusing on other aspects of our life.

Many people experience survival fears, such as changing jobs, having to move house, recurring financial troubles, weight struggles, and/or a simple fear for one’s own basic well-being and security.

These events might not occur frequently during the normal course of a person’s life but they can have a huge impact if they are not managed well. Any time they take place, they activate our Root Chakra programming.

It is only when these concerns become part of a repeated life pattern that a Root Chakra imbalance or trouble can be seen.

Root Chakra is one of the 7 energy centres in your body.

Experts working with chakras, teach that all of the energy centres are connected to different aspects of your physical and emotional life. When they are open, your body and mind will be optimized for success.

In contrast, blocked or misaligned chakras are linked to unhappiness and stagnation.

Learning how to identify and work with your chakras, allows you to quickly notice blockages and solve them.

By starting with the Root Chakra, you lay the foundations for later work with the other six Chakras.


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