Intention Is The Starting Point

Ever find yourself struggling and frustrated sometimes to get the results that you want?


Nothing seems to be happening for you?

Yep – I’m with you!

Let me tell you a story.

Not so long ago I was feeling the frustration too.

In order to get some inspirations, I picked up one of my Yijing (易经) books and randomly opened it.

Guess what?
Here’s what it said:

First Universal Principle – 同气相求

TranslationLike vibrational frequencies attract like vibrational frequencies.

Insight I gained: If I’m not already getting what I want, it can only mean my personal vibrational frequencies are not resonating at the similar band of the things I want. 

Second Universal Principle – 则变,变则通

TranslationWhen you hit a roadblock, create a change and the change will open up new path.

Insight I gained: Old ways won’t open new door. 

So true…!

Get connected to the Universe anytime, anywhere to get the guidance you need!

Such is the beauty of Power of Intention, such is the power of Yijing Wisdom (易经智慧).

Let me help you with that!




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