If only I’d been born an eagle

As you step into the Earth Dog (戊戌) 2018 Year, may Universe guides you through your limitations and helps you rise higher above your weaknesses.

Just thought of sharing a story to spur you on to start the year right:

The eagle

Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest and in it was an egg still warm. He took the egg back to his farm and laid it in the nest of one of his hens.

The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up along with the other chickens. It pecked about the farmyard, scrabbling for grain like the other chickens. It spent its life within the yard and rarely looked up like the other chickens.

When it was very old, one day it lifted up its head and saw above it a wonderful sight – a majestic eagle soaring high above in the sky. Looking at it, the old creature sighed and said to itself, “If only I’d been born an eagle“.

Source: an adaptation from an Anthony de Mello story

You can be that eagle too


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To making 2018 your best year yet!



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