Power of Choice

The gateway to Time is through Space.

The quality of your 2018 is imprinted on the corresponding space (sector) of your house. While we cannot control Time per se, we can control it through its proxy – Space, i.e. your environment! So now, it is all on you, what are you going to do with it. Your Life, Your Choice.

use wisely your power of choice

There is you, together with all the goals you have and the moves you plan to make in 2018. And there is the environment you operate in. 

By making a move, you create a change in the environment. You shake the environment a little bit and that causes stress. Every change is always stressful for any system, processes and people involved (but that also creates an opportunity for everyone around).

Hence, by making a move, you create a new small force and all the elements affected by it in the environment have to respond. They become polarized, they have to be for or against your move, which are your supporters or blockers.

That means that for every one of your actions, there is a reaction in your environment. The key intent is that you want to align your own goals with environmental forces as much as possible to cause the least amount of stress and friction to get you there. Nevertheless, stress is always present, it’s a question of how much.

If you want to successfully make a move, the force of the resources available to you (energy, time, money etc.) together with all the supporters in the environment has to be greater than the force of all the blockers and effort needed to achieve the goal. If you want to easily achieve any goal, you want to have a huge difference between the forces, in your favor. Right timing is nothing but a mechanism for balancing blockers and supporters in your favour.

Regarding these forces, there are a few simple rules. You want to make sure that blockers aren’t too strong. Neutrals can also very quickly turn into Supporters or Blockers. If needed, you want to convert as many Neutrals into Supporters as possible.

For many of the Neutrals to step on your side all is needed is a little tweak. At the same time, you also want to make sure you aren’t creating new unnecessary enemies.


The best way to convert the Neutrals and Blockers are to follow the so-called Micro-Conversion Strategy. You make a series of small moves that lead to the conversion that enables you to make the big move successfully.

Your Life. Your Choice.

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