There was an industrialist whose production line inexplicably breaks down, costing him millions per day.

He finally tracks down an expert who knows how to repair it. The expert takes out a screwdriver, turns one screw, and then – as the factory cranks back to life – presents a bill for £10,000.

which screw to.png

Affronted, the factory owner demands an itemised breakdown of the costing. The expert is happy to oblige: “For turning a screw: £1. For knowing which screw to turn: £9,999.”

Author: Oliver Burkeman in “The Guardian Weekend”, 13 August 2011


Everyone of us has our very own unique vibrations (a.k.a. frequencies). As like frequencies attract like frequencies, this unique Personal Frequencies of yours attracts the kind of life and events you have in the past, present and also, in the future.

Know your personal frequencies, strength, weaknesses, windows of opportunities so that you know how to apply the right solutions during difficult situations.

It can be costly to get someone to turn the screw for you.

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