Time To Sweat It Out!

Why is Summer the best time to sweat it out?

Summer Is Coming

Summer season (May to July) is around the corner and is going to be the warmest season of the year, falling between Spring and Autumn.

pitfall of cold drinksFor many people, it’s also time to stay indoor in the comfort of the air conditioned environment.

Many more will be gulping down cold drinks to fight the heat.

If this is what you are planning to do, we urge you to pause for a moment and read on.

air conditioned skin

Time to Sync With Nature

Unknown to many, the air conditioned environment and cold drinks are the 2 main culprits behind the frustrating outburst of eczema and other skin disorder conditions.

For those with such existing conditions, they have probably not been living in sync with Nature.

There is a reason why Nature gets warmer and warmer in Summer. The natural intent is to get you to sweat. You heard it right! Don’t loathe the heat, get out there and sweat it out!

Being an integral part of the Nature, we have to live our lives in sync with how Nature lives hers. If we do not do so, we may be paving the way for illnesses to surface in the next season, in this case, Autumn.

Click here to find out 5 simple yet powerful tricks you could easily do, to see you through Summer.

-Live Right & You’ll Live Bright-


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