Unlock the Yijing Secrets: The Art of Maneuvering I


We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 


It is another awesome experience with Master Yeo!!! Further showing and reinforce my learning in Yijing. Giving me the opportunities to open my thought and gain clarity to see what I don’t know to what I know. 

Grateful for his time for continuously putting his efforts and time to help us to learn and gain further insights of Yijing.

– Darren Ong


An excellent course on Yijing and 64 Hexagrams and its application to real-life events. It opens us to more principle and insights of the 64 Hexagrams. Grateful to Master Yeo’s effort in this course.

– Anonymous


This course is very enlightening. It describes the life cycle of everything through Yijing (relationships, business, projects, new products, etc).

– Tong Mun Kit


Very insightful view on the Yijing sequence.

– Andrew Lim



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