Seminar 2018: How To Read The 2018 Waves & Stay In The Sweet Spot

We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the participants. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the participants, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the participants.

Grateful and Thank You! 


Best seminar attended yet! Totally practical and applicable to my every day of 2018. I feel that I’m equipped with tools to deal and maximize in all circumstances.

– Stacy Chew


Feeling great to be here, learning and to manage our choices to make the changes that I want to create. Appreciate for widening my choices of perspectives in my worlf of Yijing 易经. Thank you!

– Darren Ong


Master Yeo shared good suggestion and life improvement pointers for us to change and rectify areas of concerns. Truly inspiring and engaging topics. Good job!

– Kevin Lim


I feel that everything in life is about striking a balance. Too much of everything doesn’t mean it would be good and too little of everything may not be adequate. But this seminar has opened my eyes and mind to the world of Yijing 易经 and life experiences. Thank you for a wonderful seminar.

– Ernest Koh


Grateful for sharing the notes in advance for preparations. This seminar is definitely more relevant and useful for own application. Thank you, Khoon Leong!

– Jesslyn Chng


This seminar has given me new thoughts and energies for the new year – more positive.

– Jeh Lim


Humble teacher with his generous sharing of knowledge. Double thumbs up and success always be with you.

– Linda Mae


Insightful with many life coaching gems.

– Tony Yeoh


Good overview. Very engaging session.

– Nita Ng


Interesting and informative. I have no prior Yijing knowledge but managed to follow.

– Leong Hui Jing


Wonderful summary on what to prepare for the year.

– Andrew Lim


Interesting, eager to put what is taught into actions.

– Lau Hwee Ein



Very insightful trainer. I want to learn more.

– Simon Wong


Very entertaining session, relate to the real life living environment that can be improved. Knowledge on how to prevent and enhance on the year 2018.

– Wong Hooi Kuan




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