2-Day Home Frequencies Tuning Program

We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 


Master Khoon Leong is very patient and explained using examples which makes it easy to see the logic! He had definitely opened my eyes! Thank you so much!!

– Anonymous


Presently, this training has brought me and connecting me the depth of my learning journey of Chinese Metaphysics. Looking forward to your guidance.

My gratitude for what you have given me. Bringing the light to my dark world space. Deeply appreciate it. 感恩。

– Darren Ong


Master Khoon Leong is very patience and clear in his presentation and explanation. The learning experience was great; the pace was just right for a beginner. I strongly encourage newbies to take up courses with Master Khoon Leong.

– Alicia Cheak


The class was very interesting. It triggered much interest in me to want to be more observant, apply the skills to myself and people around me (slowly). Thank you, Khoon Leong 老师.

– Lim Jeh Chyun


It was a wonderful program where I learned new, useful and accurate information where I didn’t get to know in other lessons from elsewhere.

– Andrew Lim


Fengshui course is never ending learning. I have acquired a different skills/knowledge for this time! Excellent!

– Cyndy Lai


Qi Fengshui is a very practical skill, easily understood but still require practice. Applicable to our daily lives.

– Stacy Chew


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