2-Day Intensive Life Coaching Bootcamp

We are very grateful for the testimonials given by the students. Their sharing and opinions mean the world to us and future students.

We respect the privacy of the students, hence, some testimonials remain anonymous as requested by the students.

Grateful and Thank You! 


Grateful for the Life Coaching Bootcamp. Every time back for the refresher, it always brings another pair of lens to look deep within myself. To search and open my heart to receive more love and goodness in me. Thank you for everything. Deeply appreciate the time that Master Yeo has given. It was an awesome learning experience!!

– Darren Ong


Life Coaching allows you to be more aware about your personal capabilities / abilities. Understanding the pitfall and positive opportunities. By accepting and changing your frequencies will be impactful and definitely worth it.

– Ryan Lim


Master Yeo has been a great teacher who is willing to share his teachings and very approachable. Thank you.

– Lynda Lui


I like the motivational 21 days program that Master taught to make our goal got closer everyday. I would recommend it to everyone!

– Alicia Cheak


The knowledge that Khoon Leong shared further reinforce my understanding of the various Yijing application.

– Andrew Lim


Worth to attend this bootcamp, it will change your perception to work towards your life purpose. Thanks to Master’s great knowledge of sharing.

– Alicia Cheak


Grateful of Master Yeo, sharing his wisdom in Yijing. Expanding my perspective towards my journey. Broaden my world view towards life!!

My gratitude to receive his blessings and making my difference in my life!! Thank you!!

Darren Ong


Master Khoon Leong’s teaching on the topics triggered and motivated me to move on again, reviving my interests and working on it. Thank you.

– Judith Ng


Simplify profound concepts and explain the logic behind every recommended actions.

– Andrew Lim


The class filled all my gaps after completing the last course. Thanks for sharing the ‘trade secrets’.

– Alex Low


Very structured with case studies (printout). Highly recommended for this course.

– Tong Mun Kit


Learn a lot in terms of positive mindset in relation to Yijing. A good course to attend.

– Kelvin Yau


Very grateful to Master Yeo, for sharing more that what is expected! I’ll try again. Thanks.

– Anonymous


Grateful for the tools & tips learnt during these 2 days session. How we need to step out of comfort zone and embrace change to go to the next level.

Thank you Teacher Khoon Leong for all the sharing.

– Eleanor Ee


A very detail and structure course, enhance my understanding breakdown the analysis to bite size.

– Tay Choon How


Thanks for the case studies. Learn alot.
Good that the class is lively & informative.
Trainees participation is great too.

– Lim See Wah


Thank you to Master Khoon Leong for sharing so much info and his real case studies. Will resit for this course if there is an opportunity.

– Fiona Soh


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