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For many years, doctors built up credibility as the forefathers of good health. Our mothers and their mothers before them trusted their doctors implicitly, and taught us to do the same. But few people took notice when the nasty element of greed entered the healing art of medicine. Today, big pharma use doctors to spread propaganda that make big money at the price of our good health.

They have kept us contained through fear of the unknown. They tell us to take a pill, take that liquid, not to eat too much fat, and that meat is bad for you… and through that fear and compliance, we have been grossly misled. People are more stressed, tired, sick and sick of being tired than ever before.

It’s time to understand the truth behind our well-being, and how we really can take charge of our health from a whole new perspective. Western medicine teaches us to shut off the pain if our body gives a warning signal – we basically tell our bodies to “shut up!” – by plying it with painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication. Yet there are numerous natural (food-based) ways to reduce and control inflammation. And we’re taught to cut cancer out without really understanding why it occurred in the first place.

In the Science of Wellness,( Click Here )  Andy McGlynn introduces you to a lineup of esteemed speakers from his team of personal trainers and managers from LifeStyle Personal Training, including: Nina Turnbull, Jake Flanagan-Carter, Rob Turner, Steph Owens, Gaston Johnson, Ryan J. Collier, Marcus Morris, Joseph Ayre, Lindsay Steele, Dan Barker, Mark Kent, Rick Winstanley, Craig Vardon, and Rachel Azarzar.

Learn more (Click Here ) about what Andy did to turn his skeptical dad (who was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer!) into a believer, and how you too, can heal your own body with the Science of Wellness. Andy and his team have collaborated on the video training series, honing in on years of health and nutritional training to ensure the best possible results.

Go ahead – your life literally depends on it!

To your health and wellness.


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