3天随易卡(3合1)华文课程 (3-Day Card of Change 3-in-1 Training Program)


Do you often feel a sense of insecurity, fear, anxiety and perhaps believing you have an un-likeable personality.



For all you know, your Root Chakra may be blocked or clogged and this is causing all the undesirable life experiences you are having.

If you are keen to learn a system how to easily assess the state of your chakras and balance them, here is the program for you:


3-Day Card of Change Training Program










You are about to embark on the powerful path toward learning how to assess and balance your chakras, and you will soon experience the amazing benefits this will bring into your life.

Together in this 3-Day program, we will delve and explore the roles that chakras play in your life, how to determine when there is an imbalance present and most important, how to heal and regain the balance that is missing – the easy and systematic way of using just the Card of Change deck.

Included in this program are proven methods, strategies and exercises that have an immense power, whether to remove recent blocks or those that have plagued you for an entire lifetime.

Combined within the Yijing Wisdom, is the universal key to harness the power of these energy centers that have a significant impact on all aspects of our physical and emotional well-being. 

A specially curated 3-in-1 program where we are going to share with you how you can easily use the Card of Change deck to:

  • Make quality life choices that guide you on your next best move in life.
  • Assess the quality of your chakras and how to enhance them.
  • Find out your current state of well-being and take the right actions to improve it.


Title: 3-Day Card of Change 3-in-1 Training Program

日期:2018年,8月,25,26 及 9月 1日 (星期六,星期天)
Date: 25, 26 August & 1 September 2018 (Sat & Sun)

时间:早上 9:30 至 傍晚 5:30
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

地点:International Plaza 或 Singapore Shopping Centre (有待通知)
Venue: International Plaza or Singapore Shopping Centre (To be advised closer to training date)

学费: S$798
Program Fee: S$798

注册截止日期: 2018年 8月 12日 (星期天)
Registration Closing Date: 12 August 2018 (Sun)


学费包括 / Included in the program fee:

  • 随易卡(值S$41) / Card of Change deck (worth S$41)

card hero.jpeg

  • 脉轮解说PDF / 7 Chakras Manual PDF
  • 培训笔记(双语) / Training Notes (Bilingual)



  • 随心起卦及分析来引导与显示您该走的人生路径
  • 随时捕捉自己能量脉轮的讯息与状态
  • 如何让自己保持脉轮的平衡
  • 了解当下身体状态的征兆
  • 案例分享
  • 等等

What Can I Learn From The 3-Day Program?

In this 3-day program, we will guide everyone through a systematic and easy-to-understand regime of learning about Yijing (易经), an ancient Science of Nature with the use of the Card of Change deck and applying its universal principles to your daily life and well-being with ease.

  • Prediction Casting & Analysis – quick, simple and easy with the Card of Change deck
  • Chakra Testing – quick, simple and easy with the Card of Change deck
  • Chakra Balancing Techniques – Methods that have worked for many
  • Current well-being state self assessment – quick, simple and easy with the Card of Change deck
  • Powered pack with many interesting case studies.
  • Many more…

So, make sure you seize every opportunity during these 3 days and grab as much tips as you possibly could from the teachers.


This program will be jointly conducted by 2 teachers.

导师/Teacher:Jojo Gwee

jojo gwee profile pic





导师/Teacher: Yeo Khoon Leong

Yeo Khoon Leong 2


作为一家上市公司的前助理副总裁, 他领导过一组主管并管理几个公司单位以及价值数百万元的项目。他经常在工作岗位灵活地运用一生所学的易经知识来提升并改造自己。


凭着一股强大的学习热情和为了能激励更多人来学习易经, 他决定放弃之前的助理副总裁的职位并全职投入易经研究与教学。 这一切就是为了追寻一个个人的使命 -- “为了每天能使他人的生活产生积极的影响”!

Yeo Khoon Leong is a dedicated Professional Life Coach and Trainer with years of extensive experience specializing in life coaching, home & business frequencies tuning (traditionally known as Fengshui) and Metaphysics training.

He has started learning Metaphysics after completing his National Service more than 20 over years ago. He was very grateful to have studied intensively under 2 great Metaphysics Masters in Singapore and that spearheaded his journey into professional Metaphysics practice and research studies.

As an MBA graduate and a former Assistant Vice President in a listed company, Khoon Leong had headed a team of executives in charge of several operations and running projects worth millions of dollars in project value. He used Metaphysics extensively in many areas of his work, ranging from project management, selecting the right date to sign contracts, people hiring, to office placement and layout.

With a strong and committed passion for fulfilling a personal mission “To make a positive difference in someone’s life each day”, he decided to leave his management post to go full time into professional life coaching & training in 2012.

Over the years, he has extensive experience working with different profiles of clients (local and overseas, individual and corporate) as well as with many different types of residential and commercial properties with proven records in helping clients achieve focused results and positive changes.

In addition, Khoon Leong has conducted many courses, presented in public seminars and invited to share at corporate talks on various Metaphysics subjects, drawing strong interests from students, local and overseas.


I want to sign up now! What do I need to do?

Just follow the 2 easy steps and you are good to go!

Step 1: Make Payment

Please make a payment of S$798 via:

  • 银行转帐/Bank Transfer – UOB 501-313-480-5
  • PayNow – 91273783
  • 支票/Cheque – 应付Yeo Khoon Leong,并存入任何大华银行(UOB)快速支票存款箱,填上
    Payable to Yeo Khoon Leong; and deposit into any UOB Quick Cheque Deposit Box indicating:

姓名/Name: Yeo Khoon Leong
帐号/Account Number: 501-313-480-5
联系号码/Contact: 91273783

Step 2: Complete and submit the e-form below 

Remember to fill in the bank transfer transaction number or cheque number for our easy tracking. 




如有查询,请致电或Whatsapp 91273783。

The Program Confirmation and e-receipt will be emailed to you after we have successfully processed your registration and payment.

For inquiry, please call or Whatsapp 91273783.

Special Note


我们太热爱这个谚语!这正是我们正想做的,教您如何‘钓鱼’ 。





We love this proverb so much! This is exactly what we are trying to do. Showing and teaching you ‘how to fish’. We are not going to hold back anything.

In order for participants to receive quality teaching and learning, we are going to keep the class size not bigger than twenty (20) participants per class.

However, to keep the program fees affordable, as long as we can gather at least ten (10) participants, we will proceed to run it.

The class may be canceled or postponed if the total participants fall below ten (10).

Last but not least, we’re grateful you take the time to read through the entire post. Hope to see you in class real soon!

Click HERE for the Refund & Cancellation Policy.

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