Spring 春


Spring Season (February to April) is the long-awaited change from Winter to Spring.

Snow melts, seeds sprout, flowers bloom, and the sun warms the earth. It signifies renewal, new life and growth all around.

While Winter was a time to conserve Yang energy, Spring is a time of rekindling, new beginnings, and growing of the Yang energy. The growth of Yang energy and everything else does not happen overnight. They grow gradually and progressively over the 3 months of Spring

Now, if you have not properly conserve your Yang energy during the Winter (e.g., not sleeping early), isn’t it true then that there isn’t much Yang energy you could grow in Spring?

Hence, if anyone has been easily falling sick during Spring, e.g., cold and flu, it is an obvious sign that he/she has not taken good care of himself/herself in Winter.

Having said that, what happens if you do not also live right in Spring?


In Synch With Nature

The way to live right is to be in sync with how Nature lives hers.

Read on and we’ll share with you few simple yet powerful tricks you could easily do to be in sync with Nature.

1. Sleep

Springtime is where the day gets longer and night shorter. For us, we should also try to sleep later and wake up earlier, so that our day is longer than the night.spring-sleep-later-wake-up-earlier

Do not get mistaken when we mention sleep later! It doesn’t mean you can afford to get to bed as late as you want. The latest timing to sleep is still 11pm (or 12:10am Singapore Local Time).

When the sun rises, wake up! Since Nature already woken up, we should too.

2. Morning Walk

Spring signifies renewal, new life and growth all around, including Yang energy. Every morning, we should take a slow walk but a longer walk than usual. Perhaps, in our busy daily routine, what we can do is to walk a little longer to the next bus stop on our way to work.


Strenuous running or exercise in the morning is not advisable in Spring especially during the first 2 months of Spring. Remember, we mentioned that the Yang energy grows gradually and progressively over the 3 months of Spring? So, we should also gradually and progressively increase the intensity of our exercises.

3. Letting Loose

For ladies, do not bun up your hair, including pony tails. Let it loose for the 3 months of Spring. Similarly, wear loose fitting clothing and avoid tight fitting ones.


What is more important is letting loose of your emotions. Try to relax, do not get tense up, otherwise, you are restricting your own growth.

Also, do not ‘terminate’. Spring is all about growth, ‘terminate’ goes against the very grain of Spring. ‘Terminating’ can mean terminating life, terminating project, terminating idea, and terminating anything else. When you terminate one thing, you’ll have one thing less to harvest in Autumn!

So, do not restrict the growth in you. Let it loose and let the growth takes place in sync with Nature.

4. Liver Care

So what happens if you do not live right in Spring? It’s going to hurt your Liver System. When it is hurt, the symptoms will only show up in Summer, especially, heart-related diseases and even frequent diarrhea.

The easiest, quickest and most damaging way to hurt the Liver System is anger. Manage your emotions, let it go.

Here are 2 tips to care for your Liver system:

Liver Care Tip #1

Every night before bed, spend around 10 minutes rubbing between 2 points on your feet (5 minutes each foot). The 2 points are Tai Chong (太冲穴) and Xing Jian (行间穴).

This simple exercise helps to dispel the pent up anger you have accumulated over the busy day. Using Cypress Essential Oil which is known to help support the circulatory system, is a good aid in the dispelling exercise.


Liver Care Tip 2

Apply 1-2 drops of Juva Cleanse® Essential Oil on the Liver area and rub in a clockwise direction as shown:


Juva Cleanse® Essential Oil provides support for the liver through a carefully formulated blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that supports normal liver function.


There you go, just 4 simple but potent tricks to see you through Spring!

The growth that we want to nurture and develop in Spring is not just about our health. It also relates to our dreams, personal development, achievements and abundance in life.

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!


I Want To Know More About The Essential Oils

If you would like to know more about Cypress and Juva Cleanse Essential Oils, feel free to fill up the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we could.

Thank you and grateful.





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