Get Your Personal iTOVi Scanner Today!

Are you ready to make better decisions to support your own health?

Take the guesswork out of your essential oil usage – right in the comfort of your own home – by buying your own iTovi Scanner now.

What we like most about this technology is the more you scan, the more unique data is stored and the iTovi system gets to know you and yields even more precise results. This is what we call personalised! So awesome!

We would like everyone to be able to benefit by owning the amazing iTOVi scanner. They offer two purchasing options, making owning a scanner possible for any financial situation.

Each option includes the iTOVi scanner, a USB power adapter, a USB charging cable and a quick start guide.

  • Choice Plan – iTOVi Scanner $799.99 + Lifetime iTOVi Access
  • Basic Plan – iTOVi Scanner $9.99 + iTOVi Access Fee $39.99 / month

If you are interested in purchasing this device, click here => Buy Now .

Wait! There’s more!


When you purchase your own personal iTOVi scanner & then recommend

  • 1 Referral to get his/hers, you will get to enjoy a lower monthly access fee of $29.99 (Save $10 per month),
  • 5 Referrals to get theirs, you will get to enjoy an even lower monthly access fee of $9.99 (Save $30 per month), and thereafter,
  • with EACH additional referral, you will receive US$50.

Isn’t this awesome!

Click here to watch a video on the referral scheme.

Is there training available?

ProgrammeiTOVi wants to keep its users informed and up to date when it comes to understanding and utilizing their iTOVi scanner. Training videos cover a wide array of topics and are geared toward the specific needs and questions of our customers.

In addition, we offer personal training and support when you purchase an iTovi scanner through our affiliate link. Click here => Buy Now

Worth the investment

The next time you are wondering which essential oils to use, you’ll be glad you purchased the iTovi scanner! We know we are … it has been very helpful time after time.

Are you ready to get started? Click here => Buy Now

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!

Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon our experience and personal use of  Essential Oils. We are not doctors. The iTOVi scanner is not a medical device. Neither the iTOVi scanner, products nor techniques mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and they have not been evaluated by the FDA. For more information visit


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