Arts Of Living Bright

– Nothing in your life is random, everything happens for a reason!

No one is an isolated being, cut off from the rest of reality. Though everyone and everything has its own vibrations (or frequencies), they are still a part of the big Nature and it’s only natural that we live our lives the way Nature lives hers.

All of us are connected to Nature in countless intricate ways like threads woven through our very being. And it is through these threads that Nature can send us messages (some may see this as intuition).

In case you do not know, nothing in your life is random, everything happens for a reason. The choices you make, the actions you take, the state you are in now, all have an intricate interwoven influence and that influence is usually manifested in one form or another appearing around you.

Therefore, numbers, events, symbolisms, items placed in your house/office or anything of contrasting difference, etc, appearing in your life, they appear for a reason! Have you noticed, for example, the numbers around you, say, your cell phone number, your car registration number, or even the registration number of random cars passing by you, etc?

Perhaps, how you decide to place the items in your house/office, is also a reflection of the state you are in, physically, mentally and even financially.

It could also well be manifesting in the form of discomforting feeling, sensation or emotions from your very body that is trying to signal to you about issues you might have internally with your body.

No doubt you’ve come across many of them in your life, sometimes without even realizing what they are. You might have considered them coincidence, but there is a good chance they were signs from the Nature designed to guide you one way or another.

In short, you are what you eat, you are what you think, you are what you believe, you are what you do…, what you are today is the product of what you have chosen to do to yourself all these years, knowingly or unknowingly! The vibrations (or frequencies) you are having right now, will be manifested in one form or another around you and it can be picked up by trained eyes!

Unfortunately, many of us are unknowingly not living the way we should anymore. Just look at the lifestyles we are having, the type of food we are feeding ourselves, the type of personal products we are using on our bodies, the stress level we are dealing with every day, the clutters we have in our rooms, the many negative thoughts & feelings we have bottled up and many more?

The moment we are not living right, we won’t be living bright! So what is living right?

This Blog is dedicated to sharing what we know about living right, the untold secrets, tips, tricks, techniques, cheat-sheets, and everything else that guide you to living right!

It is through our years of result-based observations and experiences with frequencies studies & tuning that, we noticed certain patterns keep appearing in certain consistent manners that we have described above. We have decided to open this up and share them with you!

It’s no coincidence that you are reading this Blog. Perhaps, you are going to find the answers you have been searching for all this while. Perhaps, you know someone around you could use this Blog. If what you are reading now resonates with you, please join us in our mission in making a positive difference in someone’s life each day by sharing the Arts of Living Bright!

Thank You & Grateful!

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!



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