Which Hat Are You Wearing

Are you a leader or a follower

The relationship between leaders and followers seems straightforward:

Leaders lead. Followers follow.

Most believe that being a leader means you are respected and if you are a follower you don’t always receive the respect you think you deserve. Followers are most often ignored. While being a leader you are recognized more often and get most of the
credits for everything.

businesswomen businesswoman interview meeting
Photo by Tim Gouw on Pexels.com

The fact is that in any organizations, everybody is both a leader and a follower depending on the circumstances. Regardless of your position, there may be times when you’re called to lead a project or asked to fall back and assist someone else. So, when you are tasked to lead, it’s Yang (you go forward); and when you are supporting, it’s Yin (you fall back).

It stands to reason that if leadership is important to performance, followership must have something to do with it too. But curiously, followership gets only a small fraction of the airtime that leadership does.

Since you are always juggling between the 2 roles, it is then important that you know when and what to do at each stage of your career progression.

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In my latest book, we will reveal the untold Yijing secrets about being a leader (Yang)
vis-à-vis a follower (Yin). POWERED BY YIJING WISDOM


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