Company Loyalty – A Valued Attribute?

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As a Life Coach, I know that the path to career success isn’t what it used to be anymore.

In the past, when we entered the job market, career advancement could be a matter of
getting onto the right organizational ladder, and then keep hanging on. Back then, as a young aspiring graduate, I was pretty much told,

“Be loyal to the company and the company will be loyal to you.”

Today, the idea of investing your whole career in a single organization, keeping your head down and doing pretty much the same type of work, seems outdated. For most
people now, the career can be expected to flow through many phases, hop across numerous organizations, change skills sets and undergo changes.
Nowadays, you can’t predict where your career path will take you. But you can prepare for it. Once, ‘staying loyal’ was a central theme for career success. Today, it
no longer holds true and what you need now is resilience.
I’ve worked with tons of clients of many different profiles (ranging from leaders, high achieving professionals to blue collared workers), coaching them how they could build their very own resilience fortress using the secret techniques of Yijing (易经).
I’ve learned from their life stories that resilient people aren’t necessarily born with a unique ability to bounce back or forge ahead. Rather, they are ordinary folks, like you and me, who learn behaviours, attitudes and work patterns that allow them to keep going and growing, even in difficult or uncertain times.
Where possible, we should be at the driver seat, creating the change, managing the change and adjusting to the change incrementally.
So, whether you’re a graduating student wondering about your first job, or a job veteran at the crossroad thinking about midlife career changes, or alternatives to retirement, or even someone who might be on the brink of a golden handshake, it’s never too late to start building resilience.

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This is what my latest book is all about – imparting to you the Yijing (易经) secrets how you can easily and systematically build your resilience fortress, so that you can stay in the sweet spot in the midst of shifting challenges and mounting uncertainties, and at the same time find greater fun, freedom and fulfilment in your life.


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