Do You Procrastinate?

I bet right now, you’re procrastinating reading this article!

Admit it, we all procrastinate, especially when it comes to doing things we don’t want to.

I am certain that, if we were to put together all the reasons for procrastination, and put them into boxes, we’d run out of storage very soon.

Procrastination is the LARGEST form of self sabotage, EVER!

It’s most certain that you will put off the most important things you KNOW you have to do, because somewhere, deep down inside you’re having a conversation that is self sabotaging.

We have to look at the WHY behind our procrastination.

Solar Plexus Chakra is directly aligned to your self sabotaging thoughts.

When you begin to look at the WHY’s of procrastination, why are you holding yourself back from doing certain things, that’s when you realize it’s not just laziness that you should be concerned about.

There’s actually a bigger problem you need to face (your Solar Plexus Chakra) and luckily there are easier solutions, too.

Challenge yourself to take that first small step forward to put a stop to procrastination.


Are you ready to join us on the journey within?

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