[REPLAY] How To Read The 2018 Waves and Stay In The Sweet Spot

The replay for the recent ‘How To Read The 2018 Waves and Stay In The Sweet Spot‘ seminar is now available online!


After numerous requests from our clients and students whom missed the earlier live event on 13 January 2018 @ Singapore, we’ve decided to make the replay of this seminar available online!


Don’t miss the chance again, to learn how each year, Khoon Leong uses a simple Yijing Fengshui (易经风水) strategy to help his clients to ride above the waves of the New Year & stay in the ‘Sweet Spot’, by simply using a simple Time-Space Connection System.

To be completely honest, it’s not easy. And to be even more honest, only about 2% of people who know this strategy actually know how to make it work.

But it’s simple to learn and apply, and there is basically almost nothing to lose, so if you want to give it a shot, Khoon Leong is releasing the strategies in this seminar replay.



Read what the participants say…

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