What Goes Around, Comes Around

Try this litmus test for yourself.

As the saying goes – What goes around, comes around.

The Time-Space Connection System runs in a clockwork manner. The corresponding sector (space) will always come and go every 12 years or so. Some sectors may stay for 1 year, some 2. If you have been wondering when was the last time (or which year) the corresponding sector for 2018 last came, it was 2006.

In other word, you can use this litmus test to find out what may be in stall for 2018 for you. Just think back about 2006, how was the year?Given a choice, would you like to re-live the experiences you had in 2006? This test is a pretty cool proxy tool to have a peek into 2018.

Now, if 2006 was a wonderful year, can we make 2018 even better?

On the flip side, if 2006 is something you wouldn’t want to experience again, what can we do for 2018?

Click HERE to find out how.

Frequencies follow till you break the cycle.

Life repeat in an endless cycle


The above are excerpts from my latest eBook “Why Fit In? Stand Out!“. Click HERE to find out more.


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