How Life Transforms When You Plant Your Seed of Intention Right

Can you remember being asked by your teacher to “set your intention”— something that a lot of teachers do in their classes. It sounds simple enough, but it’s very easy to get confused with setting a goal instead.

The words “intention” and “goal” may be used interchangeably in our everyday life, but in the ancient secrets of nature, they’re quite different. Knowing the difference can help you turn your life into something that is much more personal, meaningful, and transformative.

Have you ever found yourself working hard to achieve certain goals that you decide to set for yourself, and when you finally achieve them, they don’t necessarily keep you satisfied and fulfilled for very long afterward? That’s because you didn’t set your intention first.


When you plant your Seed of Intention right, it’s like you’ll get to see the forest for the trees for the very first time.

As if you were high upon the mountain top, looking down at your life with a newly heightened awareness of your full manifesting potential, one that resonates with Nature.

You manifest from a higher energy vibration (frequencies) so things come faster and easier.

And finally feel what it’s like to see yourself living the life of your dreams.

Keen to know more?


1-Day Unlock the Yijing Secrets: The Power of Intention


We’re glad to present our newest program!

Title: 1-Day Unlock the Yijing Secrets: The Power of Intention
Date: 6 May 2017 (Sat)
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: Orchard area (To be advised)
Program Fee: S$284.00
Registration Closing Date: 23 April 2017 (Sun)

Click here to register!

This program will help you understand:

  • How an ancient scroll (Yijing 易经) holds the secrets to the working mechanism behind the Power of Intention.
  • How you can reset and re-plant your Seed of Intention and put the Nature’s energies to work WITH you,  no matter how many times you may have tried and failed before and no matter what your life looks like right now. 
  • The Yijing secrets why positivity and motivation can’t last and how to quickly flip negative energy into a personal and unstoppable drive.


This program is packed with simple techniques and tricks that deliver life changing results.

We just want to give you the same opportunity we were given years ago, to open up and allow the Universe to provide for you, once and for all!

Click here to register!


May The Tide of Destiny Turn In Your Favour in This Moment!



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