Numbers Rule All Things!


“Numbers rule all things.” – Pythagoras 580 – 500 B.C.E.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Numbers have been in existence since the beginning of time. Throughout history, numbers have always played an important role in the life of mankind and they will always be a part of our daily lives.

Those who truly understand numbers, know how to unlock and understand the influences of numbers to help them become the captain of their own life. It is an ancient system that will tell you nothing in your life is random, everything happens for a reason.

Therefore, numbers appearing in your life appear for a reason! Have you noticed the numbers around you, e.g., your cell phone number, your car registration number, or even the registration number of random cars passing by you, etc?

The question is what these numbers truly mean and do they bring you good or bad luck or are they just mere coincidence?


You and Numbers Around You

In case you do not already know, the choices you make and the actions you take, all have a numerical influence and that are usually manifested in numbers appearing around you.

Numbers can guide you to a more prosperous life in every aspect. They can prepare you for circumstances that are heading in your direction and assist you in making the right decisions for the most positive outcome.

Therefore, the next time you are faced with a situation, isn’t it nice if you could just easily pick up the numbers around you and let the numbers be your beacon light to guide you along?

Yes, you need a pair of trained eyes to decipher the numbers! No, you do not need to be the gifted few to learn! The good news is anyone and everyone can be easily trained in a matter of 2 days!


2-Days Yijing Prediction (易经预测)

If this skill is what you are looking for all this while, then don’t miss our upcoming 2-Day Yijing Prediction Program (易经预测) in March 2017. We will impart to you everything we know about the untold secrets of how you can easily tap on the Numbers around you to get guidance to things that you need answers.

Know in advance, how’s things is going to develop, what the outcome is likely going to be and what are the things you can do to flip the situation around to your advantage! We will impart these skills, techniques, knowledge and more in the following program specially designed for you.

Invest in yourself right now, like many of our students have!


Title: 2-Day Yijing Prediction (易经预测)

Date: 4 & 5 Mar 2017 (Sat & Sun)

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

Venue: Orchard area (To be advised)

Program Fee: S$448.00 

Registration Closing Date: 19 Feb 2017 (Sun)



Tell Me More!

Click here for more details.

This program is designed for everyone, even busy Professionals, Managers, Executives, as well as those who could not find time to attend many days of training, but wish to grasp the full knowledge of Yijing Prediction (易经预测) !

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright


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