Finally, We Are Ready!!!

Finally, we are ready!

We hear you! Very grateful for all the requests. After many weeks of preparation and putting together the very best syllabus, training materials, examples and case studies, we’re finally ready to teach and share what we know. Thank you for your patience with us!

Why have we decided to teach and share out the trade secrets? Well, we do not believe in holding back any trade secrets. We strongly believe in sharing just like how our mentors have shared theirs with us very generously. It is their generous sharing, guidance and mentoring that have changed our lives for the better day by day. It’s time we pass it on, so that many more can benefit as much as we do. In time to come, we hope those who benefited from us could do the same to pass it on too, together creating a very strong and positive cycle of making a positive difference in someone’s life each day!

For a start, we’ll roll out the following program due to popular requests. Click on the program to see the details.

Home Frequencies Tuning (traditionally known as Residential Fengshui)



We love this proverb! This is exactly what we are trying to do. Showing and teaching you ‘how to fish’. We are not going to hold back anything.

In order for students to receive quality teaching and learning and at the same time, keeping the program fees affordable, we are intending to keep the class size not bigger than 15 students per class. As long as we can gather at least 10 students for the same program, we will proceed to organize, schedule and run it.

So, are you ready to get started?

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!


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We have many more programs in mind to share with all progressively, like:

  • Yijing Prediction
  • Life Frequencies Tuning (traditionally known as Life Reading)
  • Business Frequencies Tuning (traditionally known as Commercial Fengshui)
  • Form Fengshui
  • Chakra Activation Techniques
  • Manifesting Your Desires: The Missing Piece in Law of Attraction
  • Essential Oils, Their Frequencies and Manifesting What You Really Desire
  • Many, many more…

If you are interested in any of the above programs or you have any specific program you would us like to share, you may want to register your interest with us by filling in the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we could.



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