Have You Got Your Scan?

We want to share a tool that has helped improve our clients’ lives in many ways more than we could have ever hoped. It’s the iTOVi scanner!

It’s a portable scanning device that we invested in which identifies unresolved biopoints of clients and gives product suggestions based on that client’s specific wellness needs. This one business tool has helped us improve the lives of our clients at a much faster rate than we ever could have anticipated.

How It Works

What is your frequenciesRemember what we always say? Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at a particular frequency.

The iTOVi scanner sends a frequency to your body and your body reacts through the technology called bioimpedance.

Bioimpedance is a well established technology. You may recognize it best in such uses at the pulse and step checker bracelets you commonly see people wearing, such as in a FitBit.

The process involves passing a small electrical current through the skin. (It is painless and you won’t even notice the current). The machine can measure a reaction through how well your skin resists or does not resist the electrical current.

The frequency is sent to the body and then the iTOVi body scanner helps to determine your body’s reaction to the frequency of a range of essential oils.

The idea is that you can support the body through an essential oil that will give you a similar response. These customized reactions can help customize your body’s nutrition and support your overall wellness.

We couldn’t imagine being a life coach without this amazing device! Click here for more details.

Want a Scan?

Book your iTOVi scan appointment for a full scan and consultation (for Singapore based only).  Detailed results will also be emailed right to you for easy access. Scans can be done for children and adults of all ages!

Initial consultation: S$20*

Follow-up scan: S$10

For a limited period only, quote “Abundance” to enjoy S$5 discount.. Fill in the form now to fix an appointment!

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon our experience and personal use of  Essential Oils. We are not doctors. The iTOVi scanner is not a medical device. Neither the iTOVi scanner, products nor techniques mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and they have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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