How Often Are You Feeling Grateful?

Thank you. I am grateful.

How often do you pause for a moment to express thanks and gratitude? Do not underestimate the powerful positive impact that these few simple words can have, on you!

Saying thank you or be grateful, in any way, is one of the simplest and most fundamental ways in which anyone can almost immediately raise one’s vibrational frequencies and, in turn, hasten the process of manifestation.

The more that you can appreciate the good things, the more good things you’ll receive and the more rapidly they will come to you. The reason is simple – that the feeling of gratitude  resonates at a very high vibrational frequencies, one that magnetically draws more good into your reality very quickly.

If you’ve been struggling with attracting what you desire, perhaps, gratitude is the missing ingredient that you’ve been looking for.

So many people are caught in the vicious cycle of complaining about their life, about the unfortunate things they encounter, about how the other sides are always greener, etc. They should, perhaps, take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for all that they do have.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. ~ Unknown

What these people, and many others too, do not realize is that positive thoughts vibrate on an entirely different frequency than negative thoughts. Appreciation, gratitude and love operate at the highest forms of vibrational frequencies.

The sad truth for these people is that since they can only have one vibration at a time, and if they’re always busy complaining about their life, about why their sides are always worse off than the other sides, there is hardly any opportunity to attract the good things, isn’t it?

On the flip side, when you offer thoughts of gratitude and appreciation, you’re offering positive thoughts and a positive energetic vibration that will inevitably start to attract the things that you desire.

The key to having success with manifesting your desires is cultivating a regular and consistent practice of gratitude. The more often you express gratitude and appreciation, the more positive vibrations you’ll be creating. Appreciating what you have is an immediate way to feel good now. You’ll create more of what you do appreciate along the way.


Every Drop Of Gratitude Adds Up To An Ocean Of Abundance!

If you’re wondering whether a bit of gratitude can really have an impact on you and your life, consider the fact that the river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its unwavering persistence and consistency.

That’s right! Perseverance and Consistency of expressing gratefulness ensure an unwavering and constant flow of higher vibrational frequencies coming out from you to the universe and it will just have to resonate with you, attracting back similar and higher vibational frequencies to you and that’s when you start realizing the good things coming.

So how can you begin to incorporate more gratitude into your life and enjoy more success too? Stay tuned for the next article and we will share with you how. We’ll also share the secret why so many people can still fail miserably with this technique and how you could avoid the pitfall!

Stay tuned!

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Feel free to drop us a note if there is any specific topics about The Arts of Manifesting Success that you would like us to cover. Thank you and grateful!



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