Are You Sensitive to Essential Oils?

Have you ever used an essential oil and wondered why you seemed to get an allergic type reaction, in most cases, rashes?

Seasoned oilers will be quick to tell you that these are not allergic reactions but are actually signs of detox as the oils are breaking up the toxins in you, helping your body rid itself of these toxins in a safe and natural ways more quickly. While this seems like a good news, it is nevertheless a frustration to deal with. Do you keep using the oils and bear with rashes or do you stop using the oils immediately?

Allergy or Detox

This is a topic that interest us a lot as we often heard that one cannot be allergic to essential oils and yet we know of people who break out in rashes the moment they get in contact with essential oils.

Essential oils are the volatile oils of a plant. As explained in our earlier articles, with the exception of citrus oils which are cold pressed from the rind, essential oils are usually steam distilled at low temperatures to extract the oils from the plants as gently as possible creating a pure essential oil (click here to read earlier articles).


An allergen is a substance that generally contains proteins and polypeptides which are made up of amino acids. In order for an allergic reaction to occur, the substance would generally contain these amino acids and your body would have already been introduced to the substance which would have allowed your body to build antibodies against that substance which is what would cause the allergic reaction.

Essential oils (with the exception of citrus oils) do not contain amino acids. Because of this, essential oils could not have caused an allergic reaction. The exceptions to this would be essential oils that are adulterated with chemicals or solvents that contain proteins. Therefore, if you are certain your oil is completely pure without any adulteration, there should never be an allergic reaction.


So, if you can’t be allergic to the oils, then could detoxification cause the rashes?

Our bodies work hard to eliminate so many toxins on a daily basis. From the toxins in our food, environment, pharmaceutical drugs, household cleaners and beauty products, it is a daily battle to detox.

Essential oils can help to bring about homeostasis balance in our body as they can help to cleanse our bodies of any toxin overload. For example, Lemon can help to cleanse the liver and break down phytochemicals; Frankincense can help cleanse the cell receptors; Oregano can help eliminate yeast, fungus and harmful bacteria and these are just a few examples!

After cleansing the body of the toxins, they have to be flushed out of the body system and this can sometimes cause the uncomfortable detox reactions. These reactions are just the toxins trying to come out any way that they can as the oils work to break them down and flush them out. For most people, the toxins are flushed out through the usual fluid discharge channel, i.e., urination. For some, they are flushed out from the skin surface causing the unbearable rashes and itch. That is why, you are encouraged to drink more water than your usual if you are using oils.

Dealing With Rashes

While drinking plenty of water is one way to deal with the situation, there are also many other ways too, like

a. Slowing down and let the skins heal before resuming the use of oils,

b. Drinking herbal tea

c. Detox bath, etc.

We have encountered cases where none of the above works! It seems that the only thing that works for them is to stop using oils altogether.

16265391 - hand drawing solution  on desk

If you are one of them having to stop using oils because nothing seems to work on your rashes but you would still like to use them, you can try this method:

Step 1 : Stop using the oils and let your skins heal.

Step 2: Once healed and you are ready to resume with the oils, try dripping 1 – 2 drops of either Cypress or Juniper on your Crown Chakra or the top of your head before using other oils.

Step 3: Once Step 2 is done, you can start using the other oils.

You will be pleasantly surprised that it works!!! This technique is shared by a fellow oiler who has vast experience and knowledge using oils with Chakras. Go on and share this neat little trick with others who you know are also suffering from the rashes detox.

Make A Positive Difference In Someone’s Life Each Day!


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Feel free to drop us a note if there is any specific topics about essential oils you would like us to cover. Thank you and grateful!



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