Don’t Renovate Your New House Yet Until You Read This!

Just collected the keys to your new house? Congrats!!!

Like you, many new proud homeowners are naturally very excited with their new house, hoping that with a new environment comes a good new start for the better!

Many homeowners have plenty of awesome ideas how to design and renovate the new house and make over into their dream home. They’ll just jump right in, looking around for interior designers and start the ball rolling.

If you are also planning to renovate your new house anytime soon, hold your fire! Spare a moment to read on what we have to share about Things That Every New Homeowner Ought To Know About! No harm knowing more things.

The Case of Nancy, Our Client

Nancy (not her real name so as to protect the identity of our client) was due to collect the keys to their new house in a few months time. After strong recommendation by her relative (whom is also our long-time client), Nancy finally decided to approach and engage us for our professional advice and guidance how they should design their new home.

As the new house was still undergoing the last phase of completion, we were unable to go on-site to take any measurements. At this point, we could only refer to the site plan, floor plan and whatever relevant information we could gather from reliable sources.

After lookingfloor plan at the site plan and floor plan, we pointed out to Nancy the specific years in her recent past that had been very challenging for her and her family with life issues, ranging from financial, career and even personal safety issues. She stared back with both eyes wide open and exclaimed unbelievably “How could you possibly know all these? I’m sure no one tell you this!”

Well, we told her, as a matter of fact, no one told us anything but the floor plan did! Nancy defended “How can that be! We have not even shifted in!”


Frequencies Follow!

Many people do not realize that, in most cases, shifting to a new house is almost as good as not shifting at all! Frequencies follow! Everything and everyone has its own vibrational frequencies and we are all inter-connected in one way or another. As you know, ‘like frequencies’ attract ‘like frequencies’!  So people tend to be attracted back to environment like their previous.

In Nancy’s case, isn’t it true then that it does not matter whether they have shifted in or not. To the trained eyes like us, we are still able to look at her past even from her new floor plan.

This is the exactly the point where many homeowners do not know about and are having misconception! That’s why every new homeowners should read this before renovating their new house.

Remember this phrase?

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Frequencies or energies tend to come and go in cycles and as a quick and easy guide, it tends to come around every 12 years, though sometimes, it can be shorter. For example, if you have experienced bad patches or challenges in 2004 or 2005, isn’t it true then that the next cycle that may just come around in 2016 this year and 2017 next year?

Now, what does all these mean to you, as a new homeowner?

Getting Out Of The Cycle

For Nancy, since we know how were their frequencies, we know how to help them break the cycle and lift them up to a higher frequency band! How do we do that? We help them in ways we are best at. One of which is guiding them on the space planning and design of their new house so that the necessary adjustments and enhancements are incorporated and blend well with their interior designing and renovation of the house.

Where Do I Start

5054658 - concept image of a hand holding house keys

For new homeowners who have not started the renovation, this is the best time to engage professional help for guidance on the space planning and design of the new house.

For homeowners who are planning to shift, get professional help with the selection of the new house, otherwise, homeowners tend to be attracted back to houses with similar frequencies.

For homeowners who are staying in their current house, having no plan to shift but are planning to do some home improvements makeover, the best opportunity for professional help to come in is the design stage. Let the professionals offer you guidance on the space planning and design of the makeover.


Return Of Investment


What has this got to do with Return of Investment (ROI)? Many of our long-time clients share their thoughts on ROI and why they choose to stay with us. To them, their house is a major investment, which we fully agree!

Since they are already prepared to throw in a big sum of money and savings to buy a new house,  and another sum to renovate it, they want to make sure every cent counts! They want to make sure they have avoided selecting the wrong house; they want to make sure the home frequencies are properly tuned (i.e., correct space planning & design); and they want to make sure they have broken out of the lower frequencies cycle and onto a higher frequency band.

In short, they see the new house as a stepping stone to something greater in life that is to come! They see us as a valuable professional partner to guide them along.

Small steps forward each time, add up to a quantum leap.

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!


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I would like to know more!

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