What have you exposed your children to?

Before using any cleaning products in your home, have you ever thought about the side effects the particular cleaning product will have, especially on your children?

Children are very sensitive and the harsh chemicals found in most cleaning products can affect their eyes, skin, airways, etc… Unfortunately, not many parents bother to read the labels to find out what chemicals go into the products they bought and what are the effects given prolonged exposure!

Using essential oils for cleaning is the healthiest and safest way of making sure you give your children a great environment to play and grow in. Oh, by the way, we mean therapeutic grade essential oils.


Unlike many conventional products, therapeutic grade essential oils are natural, meaning they are healthier to use. When you use essential oils to clean your home, you are providing a safe environment for your children to grow, no chemical to affect their well-being. Some oils contain antiseptic properties to get rid of harmful household germs safely.

Healthier Choice

Therapeutic grade essential oils have no synthetic chemicals and preservatives, unlike most off-the-shelf cleaning products. You will no longer expose your children to harsh chemicals. Studies have shown that a household spray can increase the risk of asthma, sinus, and many others even when used for as little as one week.

Asthma and sinus are the most chronic illness among children today. Start using safe cleaning products.

Keep The Air Clean And Fresh The Natural Way

Many cleaning products are formulated with strong fragrances, preservatives and synthetic chemicals to increase their efficiency. While this serves its purpose to remove dirt,, germs and other house impurities, not many people realise that breathing in these toxic chemicals can be dangerous. Therapeutic grade essential oils have no added chemicals, meaning that they are safe to use around your children.

So, have you read the labels?

In our next article, we will share tips how you could use essential oils for cleaning your home. Stay tuned!

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!


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