What’s Your Frequencies?

Everything and everyone has its own vibrational frequency!

Everything and everyone in the Universe has its own vibrational frequency – the table – the car – the picture frame – the rock – even you, your thoughts and feelings.

A chair may look solid and still, but within the chair are millions of millions of subatomic particles “running around” and “popping” with energy. The chair is pure energy and movement. Everything in this universe has its own vibrational frequency… Even if you can’t see it it does not mean that it is not true.

Every one of us is, in fact, living in an ocean of energies – we all are. We are all like strings, interconnected in one way or another..When a string is pulled, it will also pull along all the other interconnected strings, which we may call a chain reaction.

When we are born, we are born with a set of energies (to some, it is known as Bazi). As we grow up, our energies will constantly interact with the ocean of energies around us. In another word, what we are today is a cumulative result arising from the constant interactions  – like our surrounding energies we live in, the energies of our parents, friends, co-workers, many others, the energies from our faith, religion, belief system, personal values, the energies arising from the different decisions we have taken, and not forgetting the energy influences from the passing year, month, day and hour, and many more. This cumulative result you have is what we called your Personal Frequencies!

Nothing is random. Everything happens for a reason!

What are Frequencies? When we talk about frequency, the radio in the living room may come to your mind. When you tune the knob to a specific station, you will only get to listen to the content only from that station. You will never get contents from other stations of other frequencies!

Similarly, in life, whatever frequencies you are having, you are going to attract ‘like frequencies‘ towards you. Likewise, you will also be attracted to other ‘like frequencies’. It works both ways, by the way. These ‘like frequencies’ can manifest in any forms around you, as items placed in your surrounding, pictures in your living room, random cars with certain car plate numbers driving past you, random people shouting words near you, your affinity to certain numbers, so on and so forth.

To the trained eyes like us, we are able to work backward, that is, just by looking at things around you, your house, your office, we would be able to link them back to your frequencies; and we can tell how’s your well-being, career, relationships, health and many more life aspects! Having said that, do you think there is a real need to study the Bazi of the occupants before auditing the house Fengshui? Remember this, the so-called Bazi energies is after all just a subset of the the resultant Personal Frequencies

So if you think that, by moving house, you are going to move to a new environment, please think again!

Get out of the vicious cycle!

Now, for many people who are undergoing bad patches and challenges, they will likely be trapped in their own vicious cycle because they keep attracting the wrong frequencies.

The way out is to get professional help to pull you out of the vicious cycle and put you on a higher frequency band! There are several ways to change your frequencies. Tuning your personal frequencies is one. Reprogramming your thoughts, your actions, your words, your emotions is another. Last but not least, tuning your home and business frequencies is yet another way to do it.

Live Right and You’ll Live Bright!

So what’re your frequencies?



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