Golden Sleeping Hour

Have you ever found yourself feeling low in energy, defeated and stressed DESPITE your best efforts to raise your vibration? Getting yourself full 8 hours sleep each day isn’t helping much either?

The problem may simply be that you have not been sleeping the right way! You may have the quantity (8 full hours sleep) but definitely not the quality! Getting a good quality night’s sleep is one of the most IMPORTANT factors when it comes to maintaining a high level of vibration.

Why? When we sleep, our body will attempt to repair and replenish the energies for the gallbladder and liver systems. Both will, in turn, flush out toxins from the body, heal damaged cells and produce new cells – refreshing our whole body and mind, preparing us for the next day.

However, many people are not aware of an untold secret that the repair and replenishment process can only take place, if and only if you sleep during the GOLDEN SLEEPING HOURS! What do you think will happen if the gallbladder and liver systems do not get the needed repair and replenishment night after night and yet have to diligently perform the toxin flush? You get the idea?

Today, we are going to share with you the secret of the GOLDEN SLEEPING HOUR! The repair and replenishment process will take place every night from 11 pm (solar time) and if you are not asleep or at least lying down (with eyes shut) by 11 pm, your body will skip this process altogether for the night. Now, do you know when is the GOLDEN SLEEPING HOUR already?

When you sleep right, you wake up feeling more energetic, happy and optimistic. Stress and anxiety levels are lowered and you RADIATE positive energy. But, of course, trying to improve your sleeping habits can be easier said than done.

Here are some tips and techniques to help you get a better quality of sleep:

a. Don’t eat too late at night, as this will keep your digestive system working away while you are trying to fall asleep, which can impair sleep quality. Click the link for more information:

b. Don’t do anything too stimulating right before bed, as this will mean your body will take longer to relax (e.g. avoid reading off bright screens, playing computer games, doing work, or exercising too late at night). Help your body relax by rubbing your palm on the sole of your feet for about 5 minutes each side.

c. Add a touch of lavender to your bedroom. Studies have proven that lavender aids in sleep. You can diffuse therapeutic grade lavender essential oil. It is also a great idea to apply 1-2 drops of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil on both soles of the feet just before heading to bed. Alternate with few other essential oils and blends like Cedarwood, or Peace & Calming. Click the link for more information:

d. Make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet and at a comfortable temperature. Light affects how much melatonin your body produces, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles. Apply 1-2 drops of therapeutic grade Cedarwood essential on both soles of the feet just before bed to support your body produce melatonin naturally. Drinking organic pumpkin powder milk is another great way!

e. In the event, for whatsoever reason, you miss the golden hours, taking in 1 teaspoonful of organic cold pressed coconut oil first thing every morning, would definitely help to support the liver functions, giving you the energies you need for the day.

f. Last but not least, believe it or not, your state of sleeping late or not having quality sleep is usually also manifested in the way you place the items in your bedroom. Check the North sector of your bedroom. Stand in the center of the room, use a compass to map out the 8 directional sectors and the tendency is that there could be either a fan, air-conditioning unit, plant, cupboard, shelf, wardrobe or storage right smack at the North sector.

Although it may take time to get into a new sleeping pattern, the benefits to your vibrational energy and mindset from getting a good quality night’s rest will be well worth it!

So start making friends with your pillows and dream away….


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